You can do it Pimax, you're almost there!

As a fellow engineer, I know what It can be like to work a lot of overtime when a project is close to its deadline. Come on community, give the team some encouragement to put them across the finish line.


This will soon be all over, then I’ll never need to come back to this forum ever again!
Positive vibes!

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You know, I’m a positive guy generally… so when there were news from Pimax I was happy about it, but then visiting this forum and seeing people interpreting things that were said, I was a little bit down after reading it… generally it’s good to question things and be in a critic state, but many times I think this was a little bit over the top here! Most worse thing was, that in the beginning I was taken forth with these pessimistic thoughts…
So to make a long story short, I wouldn’t expect too much cheering up for Pimax right now!

ahh, won’t be over for most likely a few month’s yet and upwards of 5 probably till last backer get’s theirs.

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Go Pimax! Go! :sparkles::dizzy::boom::sparkles::dizzy::boom::dizzy::sparkles:


I gave them 550 USD of encouragment, now they need to give one 8k pixels of horizontal encouragment :wink:
Of course I am joking. They will rule the VR World !


I’m a software engineer, so I know what a delayed release (and associated long hours) are like. I feel your pain.

Thanks for all your hard work! I’d buy everyone a round of beers, if I could. :beers:


I would hope all stay coming to this forum. We just need to continue with positive trends.

With backers from all areas. For example content creators, 3rdparty hardware creators are at the top of list.

But also supporting pimax in helping one another with setup help with game settings etc.

We can help make this an inviting great place for vr discussions. Community is important. We started out rough but we are growing in the right direction.


This headset is going to make us all very happy


True. There is a catch though. After many people will have their 8K. Including me, how active will they be? They are satisfied with the product and most will just forget about the community.


Well if the 4K was a good example, we will share content suitable for 200 fov, we will see many new versions of the PiPlay driver software. The modules will have their own forum space and many new things can be done with those.

Oh yes, this forum will keep being active


Well yeah there’s that. But with Virtual Desktop & Bigscreen no real excuse. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles: Don’t need to rejoin reality to be here.


I hope so. I really do. If Pimax can get their earned spot between HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, I’ll be happy to stay and contribute.

Next stop: 8K-X :relieved:

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Well Time for @aesopfabled to put his talents to use & make the poster 1 headset to rule them all. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


I’ll be back for the “8K-X Deluxe” or whatever they call the new 8K model that will run at native res, but also includes a scaler chip. Hopefully, by then there will be a flavor of DisplayPort which can run that res over a single cable at a full 90 fps.


The next big thing is not 8K, but retina-experience. Varjo and Xtal (Christal) are on the ultra high end already. But they are mighty expensive. Not a B2C market. More like B2B.

Pimax has the potential to make them ‘sweat’. :slight_smile:


Between. I hope this thing is going to make them tower above companies 1000 times their size.