Yikes - Consumer interest in VR is declining

[Quote]Consumer interest in VR appears to be declining, according to sales rank data that we track for Amazon.

We looked at sales rank trends for four major VR headsets from Sony, Samsung, Facebook/Oculus, and HTC. In each case, sales and their respective ranks at Amazon have declined across multiple product categories.[/Quote]


My concern is that this will lead to fewer VR games.


Those are gen 1 headsets and standalones like oculus go.
Those are not interesting. Even the Windows VR are now cheaper

If Pimax, Varjo and Christal (=Xtal) are a prelude to gen 2 why should you buy old gen headsets?

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I suspect it’s because anyone that wanted to get in to VR probably already has, and so far there has been nothing in the way of meaningful development that would encourage anyone to upgrade. Hopefully the 8K will provide that impetus to push the boundaries of VR and get people to buy a better HMD.


I think this is partially because the technology is not moving forward enough to attract the audience, and the small steps vr companies has taken so far has resulted in high prices despite minor upgrades. Also the launch of mobile VR headsets has taken over a bit of the spot light. Not because the tech is better but because its cheap and accessible for most ppl.

What we need is innovative tech with new solutions. Something to make the audience excited again. And that’s what being cooked here at this moment, for example :slight_smile:


My kids have all got reasonable gaming pc’s but half of them not yet inspired to use VR except when they visit me , Too expensive for old tech still

The tech hasn’t moved for two years.
And as mentioned those who wanted one now pretty much have one, or two.
Except the Vive pro nothing new has happened and, nuff said about that and pricing.

This bout of vr was never going to be mainstream.
Neither will the next.
And facebook/oculus predicted that they wouldn’t see mainstream adoption before the cv5.

There is just too much promise in the tech though.
Both for gaming and productivity.
Ideally, eventually the difference between full vr and AR hmd’s will be non existent and sooner than many think panel resolution will be good enough to replace regular screens for work.

And the difference from working at home, attending meetings etc and actually going to the office would be unnoticeable.
This is actually what bigscreen is working towards.
Granted some new tech and higher density screens are needed as well as better body tracking. But this is probably closer than we think.


Yep , my youngest son 19 and all his mates have good spec gaming pc’s and would all save up for vr too if it was a bit cheaper and/or better with more AAA titles and experiences .
WMR has tracking issues rift and vive old tech ( vive pro is out of reach )

Need to be really keen or crazy to buy the OG vive or Rift CV1 new at the moment , I even advise people to wait till next year before buying into VR

This is probably, atleast in part, due to the Htc Vive stock shortage.

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As it is today.

Vr are for those with a keen interest for sim titles.
For example, project cars 1&2.
DCS, elite dangerous etc.

The latter for me.
I grew up on the wing commander series, descend, freespace, starlancer, freelancer etc.
Gosh still have goosebump dreams about rocking through a frigate’s flak cannon fire, chasing down a hostile in freespace with a HOTAS I had spent way too much of my allowance on.

This goes true today, although it’s not my allowance as much as paychecks.
This summer I have bought not just a Virpil T-50 stick, but also the MFG Crosswind pedals.
Still just rocking my CH Pro throttle but I need that analog thumb stick.
If Virpil makes one I’m going to get one I think.
Or perhaps go for a left stick as well.

Mil-Sims for me, give me some Onward and I’m a happy dude. I play many other types of games, too but strangely, no driving or flying titles have caught my fancy.

Exactly. This is also the reason why I think that it would be nice if you youtubeguys would implement like I already asked for different topics than gaming. For example: how would you cut at least one whaterever Video (you do lots of em anyway) with your video editing software preferably premiere. We don’t need to wait ages for only AR devices are going to be presented with These usecases (look at Microsoft HoloLens teasers) I’m sure that we can do lots more fun stuff in VR and I’m not talking about cute but shitty 3d paint apps.
I’d like to know what already goes, and what limitation VR has as of yet (no handtracker, eyetracker) resulting in what may be effetice to have in the future. So at least one Video will be enough to get a glimpse.

Ok Video/Audio editing is a niche as well but if u guys do not target broadly with gamers you may have success in bringing other niches to the Party and VR will grow.

Just a thought :slight_smile: Keep up da good work