YawVR Yaw2 Launch Party Live from Las Vegas

Starts around -3:14:55.


I am really excited about it ! I just hope they will not rush it too much - they tend to list all kinds of details as tbd and then in the next sentence say that they expect to start deliveries by latest end of November: WTF ?! You haven‘t even finalized your product design for a number of details but expect to ship it within 8 weeks ? So much for QA…

On the G+Yaw module: they clearly said they would park this until they have sorted out the Yaw 2 base model, which is the obviously right decision, considering what I said above. The fact that they outsourced it doesn‘t necessarily thrill me: question is, who is the outsourcer ? A company with a pedigree in related mechanics ? Great. But if it is a bunch of cheap engineers, well, then you get possibly even less experienced folks who are not integrated into the Yaw product team and lack the knowledge and experience of those having created the base model; making at least integration a bigger challenge than if it had been kept inhouse, an possibly overall quality too. We shouldn‘t forget that they are not in a position to spend big dollars here, so it won‘t be a super professional company they engaged with.

At last there was some (deserved) criticism about the MC in their Vegas launch party: yeah, he was poor. But who cares, they probably didn‘t want to spend a lot so that‘s what they got - fine, I‘d rather see the money spent on the product than fancy marketing.


The driving looks legit


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