XR PiTool Feature request (also on reddit)

Hey Pimax, I have a 5k XR and will take the blacks with smear over grey blacks any day - are you planning to let us decide which to use in PiTool?

(We won’t be able to use old versions with ‘other controllers’)


same, rather have full blacks

I’d like to have the option and for it to be saved as a game level preset so we can launch games with or without it. :slight_smile:

Also. Some kind of adaptive mode that can get rid of smear in bright scenes (because blacks or whites still ghost there too) but then switch/fade to true black when overall scene brightness is low.

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New pitool version is out and potentially has improvements to XR black levels.

It tried it yet though…

There is a new Pitool?

yep. See link below.


It has black smear but doesn’t seem as extreme when the scene is mostly bright with occasional black areas in it. And maybe the smear is somehow less when scenes are very dark, and not as badly grey as it was. This could be my imagination though! :wink:

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