WTH is my pimax 8KX?

Seriously where the hell is my pimax 8kx?
I waited over 2 years to have nothing in my hands and just got put off from month to month to month.

I’m sick of this stupid game and I’m sick of asking all the time just to get no specific answers like: “We will let you know when we fixed the issue”

You just need to take a look to my backer number, take a look at my kickstarter delivery adress at kickstarter and send your items out to my home! Isn’t thats simple??
Why are you the only company who doesn’t know how to handle with kickstarter??

Instead of that I get these lousy emails with Plan A B C D what the f…
Stop planning! Execute!!

Why did all backers had to merge their kickstarter email to an unfunctional website with 2 separated stores.
“Log in with your kickstarter E-Mail at store.pimax…” NO!! What the hell?!?
You have my kickstarter adress and you got all my backer informations so why do I have to log in into this website?? What if I can’t??
What if my sales order is not merged to the account ?? Because this is currently happening and nobody of you @PimaxUSA @PimaxQuorra @PimaxVR does really care. You all work in your office and have strictly codes of conducts with internal process. But maybe you should get around these process and RETHINK to make your costumers happy.

So again:

You have my backer number:
It’s 2930 (yeah every one can see it great)
There’s a delivery adress with a name behind.
Now get your work together and prepare a box with a pimax 8kx, put the adress behind backer number 2930 on it, ship it out and send the tracking number to my kickstarter e-mail!

I cannot belive it came this far that i have to tell you how to handle the right shipment.

Oh and thanks again @SweViver to let me hangig


@generic and few others recently received in theory yours should be sent out soon. Maybe @PimaxQuorra can look into it.

It seems they are a year late judging by @SweViver’s post

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Welcome to the world of pimax delays I guess


Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if they just ‘forgot’, obviously everything is a very frustrating situation.

Sadly Pimax is just one of those kickstarters you have to constantly check to know WTF is going on with your stuff.

They really need to merge all their storefronts. @Chrizero, Have you sent back your loaner/purchased your loaner 5K+/8K Unit or do you not have it?

He never got the loaner because SweViver convinced him in may of 2019 that he would have his 8kx within a month…

At least, that seems to be what OP has indicated in this thread.


Wow jesus christ get this guy an X ASAP then!

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yes! put everybody else a step back in the queue!


To swevivers defense, he didn’t mention which year…


He also said “1 month” not “13 months”, so no its not a defense, stand in the corner until you feel sorry


Lol this made me chuckle


…and we shouldn‘t either because looking at the awkward silence on 8KX deliveries this week, it could turn out to be July 2021… so nobody make him believe he will get his this summer please.


All backers want their 8KXs!

But please let’s not descend into a situation where whoever shouts the loudest gets theirs first.

@PimaxQuorra’s last update on production was that Pimax is waiting for availability from manufacturers. I interpret that as a statement that Pimax has run out of the components needed to assemble the 8KX, so they aren’t making any right now.

I hope I’m wrong.


Anyway the backer X shipments are pretty much on schedule


Well, all of us would really like to avoid it… but honestly, with the base stations, I tried more than a year without complaining loudly, and nothing happened. I only got them after a couple of months of vocal fury.

So we will have to see if they same scenario unfolds with the 8KX. Remember, with the base stations they started to deliver them I guess somewhere early this year. But only 1-2 sets per month to the many backers who are vocal on this forum. With the 8KX we seem to see an almost comparable dripping in of a few headsets per month developing. It‘s a bit early to come to a conclusion here but I would not be surprised to see many of us original backers still wait in 1 and 2 months from now… Pimax have taught me a bit about believing their announcements.


Based on what update do you say this? The July 23rd update mentions nothing about production and delivery schedule

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Well I asked and they said it’s still possible to match the end of July deadline what comes to ship the backers units.


I got exactly the same line from Matthew Wu around the same time.
By October 2019 they said “it is shipping”.
A month later it was “8KX is shipping soon, no more loaners”

I don’t have my KS 8KX, I have no shipping date or tracking for it. Never got a loaner.

But I am sure all Pimax-internal rules were followed to the letter. Because that’s what truly important.

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The only good news is that they did ramp up 5K+ production rapidly and did get them out at a pretty good clip once the had them. Let’s hope they have a good spike in the X as well and start dropping them on doorsteps in a hurry.


I do find it pretty amazing they made it this far in the campaign considering the way it all unfolded. I do hand it to them for their accomplishments and probably would back them again if they had another kickstarter. Apparently I would now know much more what to expect! I really think the X backers should expect another month of delays. I truly expect for them to offer the refund on stretch goals, but I will ride it out. I’ve made it this far. Maybe by Christmas they will be at my door.


What they do and how it goes isn’t that unique. It’s all about their communication and schedules.
Combined with luring people to pay money and then come with the actual schedule.

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