Wrong Region/country after update

Date: 30/11/2022
Issue Title: Pimax client
Description: I did install the client (downloaded from Pimax Client v1.6.0.18 ) and did select Denmark at my Country/Region then i as the first thing checked for update. there was one that i did install… after the install i wnt to acount settings where i did change my gender to Male and then clicked save not double checking the contry/reagion that now some how had changed to china…

it shod be Denmark… and now i can’t correct this :frowning:

i understand you don’t want clients to change region/country for fun… but fails happen and some actually move to a new country… so i do not see why it are so locked.

But could you please correct it on the account for me?

i did give up on making a Pimax ticket. as it insists that i have to fill in purchase date and order number and so on… that i do not remember, and it are not relevant for my current problem.

HMD Model:
First 3 Numbers Serial:
Pitool Version:
HMD Firmware:

System Info

  • Windows Version:
  • CPU:
  • RAM:
  • Motherboard:
  • GPU Model:
  • GPU Driver:
  • SteamVR Version:
  • Oculus Version:

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Thank you for submitting the bugs.
Please allow me to check with our developer and find out how to assist you to change the region back to Denmark.

Do you mind to share your email (registered on PimaxClient) via DM?