Wrong horizontal after pittool add hirizontal calibration

I use pimax 5k+, in the past the headset has correct horizontal. But after there is horizontal calibration. My pimax 5k+ always has wrong horizontal when I reopen the Pitool. Sometimes I need to rotate the headset to get the right angle.

User 9-axis mode (not base station).
pimax 8k look norma.

Is the default value of horizontal in pitool correct?
Can you make a value to save?


Maybe try to restart service with the horizontal calibration being correct?

With the headset on the table for example?

Maybe it saves the value when You restart the service?

Or when restarting the HMD from PiTool?

Hi Bubbleball,

Have you try re-calibration the headset?

First make it to default, then try to setup the headset again.


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