Wrong cable pimax 8k plus

When I bought my pimax 8k plus, I also ordered an extra video cable, because after a few months the cables usually break and I wanted to have an spare when the time comes, so I bought another cable.
So today after a few months of use the day has come, I started to have problems with my actual cable and I proceeded replacing the extra cable I bought.

Well now it turns out this cable does not work. It has 2 USB cables instead of 1 USB and another plug for ACDC adapter like the one I was using.

It is my fault because I bought the wrong cable? Maybe.
But guys, seriously, it is SO EASY to buy the wrong cable, there was no info or warning in the shop about this (and also, If they see I’m buying a headset with an spare cable, which they knew that was my idea since I was talking to a commercial agent in watsapp through all the shopping process, aren’t they proactive enough to tell me that cable I’m buying it’s not compatible with the actual headset I’m buying along? )

Now while I’m trying to deal with this with support team (I hope doesn’t take too long as always)

Is there a way I can actually use my pimax8k plus with this dp/USB Cable?
I plugged everything but the headset does not turn on :frowning:

Thank you.

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You might want to open a ticket. Just posting here without tagging a Pimax rep such as @PimaxQuorra rep isn’t likely to have them pick up on your question. They can’t read every post,
One would hope they would exchange it for you. gl


Thanks for the ping! We will follow up his case.


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Thank you!
Looking forward for a solution.
And yes, redesigning a little the shop would help guys that like me are not smart enough to buy the right cable.

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@Edudu. What went bad. My sound cuts in and out sometimes and sometimes when I turn my head but not the time. Was that the problem you had? Maybe I should order a cable now?

Somewhat related - I ordered a new cable because mine is causing visual artifacts and that was 10 days ago; Order still shows unfulfilled. How long does it take to get my cable? It’s hard to use my headset when it looks like I’m in a blizzard :confused:

I just got a new cable today with no cost.
It took quite a long time but it was a nice resolution.

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