WRC VR Beta performance and settings

Starting a thread for this one, just tried it for the first time: 8KX with 13600k + 4090, had to do normal fov, pp enabled, 75hz, “very low” lowest graphics preset in game with dynamic resolution and upscaling disabled, all super sampling trageting 100%… barely holds fps pushing the gpu to 90-100% while looking like a$$ playstation 1 graphics, even worse as theres a kind of dithering making everything look really crunchy.

Anyone else have better luck? there any secret tweaks that could regain the quality/performance without making it a blurry smear of dlss/upscaling?

I don’t have time to try this now. Let me check if there are other users who have run this game with a Pimax headset.

A quick review from Overtake :

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