Would it be possible to add an "End Task" shortcut into VR?

One of the most annoying things in VR is when you launch a game, and it freezes. Or, when you try to exit a game and it takes forever to close or never does. You have to take off the headset and go into task manager and use the “End Task” button to force it to close.

Even with VR desktop view, it’s difficult to navigate because you may have to Alt+Tab to get out of the game. Easy on a keyboard, but much more annoying in VR. If Pimax could implement some kind of shortcut to “End Task” on the game you’re currently in that would be very convenient. I’m not sure if this type of thing is possible but if Pimax can pull it off somehow that’d be awesome.

Maybe make it a button combination on the headset itself. So if you hold both the top volume buttons for like 2 seconds it forces the task to close. Perhaps the hardest part would be making sure it closes the right task.

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In that case, you might want to set Task Manager to Always-on-top.

Alternatives to Task Manager

Method 1

Method 2
Save a new text file to your Desktop and enter the following:

taskkill /f /fi "status eq not responding"

Save the file and change the extension from .txt to .bat.
Double-click the new batch file and it will close any apps that are unresponsive according to Windows.

Method 3
Create a keyboard shortcut for the command from Method 2, as described here:

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Hmm. That Taskkill one is interesting. I could probably add that to Steam as a “game” and access it via the SteamVR menu in game.

AFAIK taskkill is what Task Manager uses to close programs.

Method 3 is just a way to bind the taskkill to a keyboard shortcut, which would make it usable in games that don’t use SteamVR and might not have a built-in Desktop view.

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