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Sorry for my “downtime” lately, guys. I will try to be more active here in the forums again from tomorrow. Just been super busy the past days (well, weeks) with Armin working on rebuilding the core mechanics of Pimax VR Experience. Its rwally a big project. The mess Ive created with the code over the past 6 months was kinda hard to build upon and work with, so thanks to some superman powers of Armin, we are preparing some major core changes that will make it way easier to add the upcoming cool features in PE.

Some new stuff have already been added and is being tested, such as mouse scroll with scroll wheel and Vive/Index touchpad/thumbstick support for scrolling, among other things. Please have some more patience and you will soon see many new things being added more frequently. Thanks!

Ps: I will answer all new questions and PMs asap!


A quick question, if I close PE (ALT+F4), how can I reopen it? Simply launching the executable doesn’t work.


Very aware of your efforts dedication and determination. Keep up your great work both of you and the pimax teams helping to bring PE to life. Looking forward to your accomplishments. Thanks

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Did you figure it out or did you have to restart?

Uncheck and check the “Start PVR Home” option in PiTool… :wink:


Will there be some type of app/web browser integration in the home like the quest 2? I would love to simply open chrome and YouTube. will there be a virtual desktop like oculus home? Height adjustment? can you go to pimax home with the press of the menu button like steamvr and oculus to do stuff quick? also last thing, where did you get those cool hand models?

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I know, but programmatically? In order to use it in scripts

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Oh… :wink:

The executable is here:
C:\Program Files\Pimax\PVRHome\PVRHome.exe

EDIT: But You know that already. Maybe it’s still running somehow and You have to kill a background app/task?

yes, but it doesn’t work

I have attempted with the parameters found in


but it doesn’t start

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Badass man, remember to add (when have time :grinning:) Desktop viewer. Keep walking … :tumbler_glass:

Nope, because when the game runs you’re in SteamVR and PE is closed.

If you have the controllers in your hands you can do the same things with SteamVR, but I really appreciated the opportunity to use my mouse when I have the controllers off, e.g. in Elite: Dangerous or in racing games, where a desktop manager would be really handy to join a voice chat, for example.

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Experience doesn’t work for me.

Pitools and HMD firmware latest version.

I have Elite Dangerous, which requires PP and works wonderfully through PiTools.

But in Experience it doesn’t run Elite properly, no PP.

It says it’s not connected to PiTools, but I don’t understand why. It picks up all the games. It uses the Elite Dangerous custom game profile. It says PP is on. Everythign looks right, but when I open it it just doesn’t work.

Any help appreciated.

I don’t know the cause, but if it says not connected no profile is applied before the game. You can try to completely uninstall PiTool and reinstall.

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Which version of PiTool are You running?

Just “shotgunning” here. I found that when I set up a custom profile for a game, it seems to be important to 'Apply" the profile before saving it. Otherwise it may not take. I had to do this a couple of times on a game.

Try experimenting with the “Common Setting” profile to learn how to turn the pp on and off consistently.


Another thing I noticed in PE is that if a title has a hyphen in in (eg Squadrons and a couple of others), PE generates a second profile in the dropdown which is unconnected to the game and cannot be applied.

It’s not in PT, purely a PE import bug.

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Thank you all for sharing your experiences with the Pimax Experience.

@SweViver and I will be hosting a livestream in the near future. Date and time will be announced soon. You can ask questions during the livestream about PE and learn more about the upcoming features.

Meanwhile, to make it easy for the two of us to look into your bug reports, please post them under the PE Bug reporting category ( ). We mainly look over there when looking into and trying to solve PE related issues for you.

We will try to host the livestream on both YouTube and Twitch. Follow and join the platform that best fits you.

Thanks again for all your suggestions, compliments, and bug reports. You guys rock!

See you all soon!