Woot! Got my 5k+

Been watching Pimax videos (Tyriel Wood) tonite and doorbell rang, My wife poked some fun at me saying “maybe it’s your headset”. Sure enough, UPS guy there handed me a Pimax box. Woo!

For those tracking, it’s a 5k+, I’m in Midwest USA and backer 39XX.

I opened it up but have left it in the box at the moment…will have to leave it to warm up for at least an hour as it is well below zero here and the headset is COLD…with the cracking issues people are having I don’t want to immediately risk any issue.

Now I have to read up on installation. Quick question…do I need to uninstall any Oculus software that would conflict with the Pimax?


Not that I’ve noticed, but I use Revive. I did not have the Oculus runtime going, I activate it manually when I need it.

Do you have a Vive or just the Rift? -looking to see if you have lighthouses…

Looking at your timestamp, that puppy has been sitting in the UPS truck all day: I recommend NOT plugging it in tonight! Leave it set overnight.

As far as I know, we’re still using the 91 version of PiTool.

Good Luck!

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I only have the rift. No lighthouses here. I expect to use it just for primarily Elite dangerous for several months until HTC gets off their backside.

I just installed Pitool .95. Is there a problem with that version?

Several, from breaking SteamVR to “water drops” tearing…

Okay, thanks. I’ll install the prior version and downgrade.

Have you hooked it up, yet? If not, have some first start reading material


No, I’m taking your advice and we’ll just go ahead and wait until tomorrow. It’s still really cool to the touch even after all this time so I think your suggestion of waiting is really a good one. This is exactly a year past when I expected to get it, so I think I can wait one more day!


Thanks for the link!