With the info you have now would you opt for a 5K+ or an 8K?

The answer always returns to wait for the 16th after much discussion and deliberations. But out of interest based on the current info circulating now which hmd version would you go for if you had to choose today?

  • 5K+
  • 8K
  • 8Kx

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I’d go for the 8Kx if the GPU can push it.

wait for the 16th after much discussion and deliberations :joy:

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Not sure why it’s such a friggin hard decision, two HMDs one costing more than the other and therefore should have a definitive advantage. Yet, based on the current feedback we have there are pros and cons for both. Does the upscaler cause a smoother image and therefore a perceived lesser SDE? Are the 5K+ colours better. Will the 8K have more headroom with super-sampling or future updates? Is text easier to read on the 8K? So many questions.

Man, those reviewers have the fate of the 5K+ and 8K worlds in their hands.


@RobCram What HMD would you like to own yourself?

I’m leaning towards 5k+ partially from what I’ve seen through the 8k “through the lens” videos. I’ve been quite worried about how smudgy and blurry the image was compared to every other hmd. Sure theres no SDE but at what cost? We won’t know for sure till the testers reviews are in as i think the berlin feedback varies a lot because people kept fiddling with the settings causing the varying results.

One major consideration for me is the future potential of the chosen version - the 5K+ is pretty much what it is, but the 8K is not utilizing its resolution fully so there could be upgrade options in future which could bring it to the next level in terms of details & clarity. Or even the 2080Ti may make a difference if we can achieve higher SS for the 8K.

This is why I will be very carefully considering any swap for the 5K+. If they are comparable with some pro’s and con’s on both sides, I will stick with the 8K.


Oh definitely the 5K+, no…wait the 8K. Yeh the 8K erm actually the 5K+. Yeh better colours sharper image so the 5K+ for sure. Hmmm, but the 8K does sound better. Ok final choice 8K+. Crap, there isn’t an 8K+.


i would take the 8kx
i didnt pledge for the 5k because of the low resolution and the 8k seem to have other disadvantage which it should not have considering the higher price. I’m affraid they will bring an improved version 8k+ or 8k rev2 next year.
the 8kx probalby will be the best solution. They learned a lot during the last year and they will make it much better. Probably using virtual link. I am agnry at myself that i didnt take the 8kx…but the plans for the 8kx came suddenly from nowhere and it was not clear if its even possible (they even didnt get the 90hz on the 8k)…so the risk was higher. Also i didnt want to wait till mai for the headset :wink: :joy:

If the reviews aren’t terrible, 8k all the way, SDE is the thing I hate most of VR nowadays, I don’t trust people saying they’re basically identical with no SDE on 5k, i was there when people started saying oculuc cv1 didn’t have it, there’re meetup testers that have said that it’s a lot worse on 5k, that’s enough for me.

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My current takeaway is that the 8K’s upscaler is not co-operating and it’s 4K screens are not being utilized as desired & those who may be transitioning from Pimax 4K may be slightly disappointed from perceived SDE in comparison.

As for the 5K+, the only + the 8K seems to have an advantage is less SDE.

It should be noted that very early on, the original 5K was going to be 2.5K OLEDs but this decision was changed.

After having used some HMDs myself I found the SDE very distracting. I want an HMD that doesnt have SDE and I can read text, even when in games or experiences there will be languages used that are not native to me.


I’m an 8K X backer, so obviously I want that to be as good as it can be. However, when the 8K loaner units were announced (with the 8K X delay), I opted to raise my pledge to simply keep the first headset rather than having to send it back. As the 5K+ has a higher effective resolution on top of its sharpness, I’m leaning towards getting a 5K+ instead of the 8K unit, with the expectation that I personally will switch to the 8K X when that arrives and pass the 5K+ to someone else.

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5k+ and 8kx is the perfect solution. would be awesome if pimax would offer an upgrade for $200 to change from 8k to 8kx

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