Wish there be a 5K+ lens mod to achieve smaller FOV but full pixels of the LCD

I really like the “Normal” view of 5K+, but it’s a waste of pixels by cropping the “Large” view. Is it possible to do the “Normal” view in a physical way so that all the pixels can be retained? That will add so much clarity! Basically this can be achieved by reducing the magnifying power of the lens, and this could lead to less distortion. Of course the profile need to be redone. Is it technically possible? Can Pimax or some third party do this?

Why am I obsessed with this idea is because I am beginning to feel the pixel density of 5K+ is still not enough to expand to such a large FOV as 170 degrees. 8KX is an desiring option but it is still far away. So maybe a more practical 5K+ Pro which is basically a lens mod?


I suggested exactly this at the start of the Kickstarter campaign.



Would be interesting to have such a mod. The Valve hmd could come closer to the specs of what you have in mind, if we ever get to see it.

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Yes this is a good idea!!

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Even better if it could be offered as an upgrade lens kit, as @skyrimer has shown them to be easily removable.
I’d be all tears.


I tend to agree with what you say, but to achieve that we will need a smaller LCD with denser “pixels” ?
Regarding FOV, I think that 140-145 should be enough.
So higher PPD for LCD/LED and smaller LCD/LED panel should fix this…

Sounds like something that might be available in 2 years.
Right now I’ll settle with what we have.

Another thing I wished they would add is dynamic focus. Distance objects should look sharper once your eyes focus on them. Right now the focus seem to be static.

I don’t think a mod is doable in this HMD, probably all is soldered. But sending the headset and replacing the lanses might do the trick (who knows).


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I think there are two ways: either by changing to a smaller LCD, or changing the optics of the lens to achieve a smaller FOV while keeping all the pixels. I know both are not easy, but if there is a pretty long gap between the current version and 8KX, which is likely, seeing how Oculus and HTC crawl along, this might still be easier than designing a completely new generation device.

We discussed this ages ago , Probably possible but it would need a special lens developing and that costs a lot unless a simple gear vr type lens swap was possible

some brave souls with 3d printers will be hard at it before long but the distortion profiles will be a nightmare
All those pixels in 120-140 * fov would look something else