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The cake is a lie

Every person has to operate within a certain context to at least be able to operate. Without context, you cannot exist. Even if that context is a lie. If you have to live within a context being presented as truth, You can either blue pill/red pill that context. Truth is what you yourself want the truth to be. That is the blue pill/red pill choice is all about.

Whatever choice you will make for yourself, it means you create your own universe.

If you however follow up on other people that create their own universe and accept that universe of that other person, you perceive that to be the truth and will not look any further.

That on its turn has the danger to be held absolute. And when things are accepted as absolute truth, it is stopping creativity and in the long run, freedom of thought.

The fear of being conditioned is projection and selfdefeating by default. It is your own fear of others being perceptive to conditioning, you get conditioned to fear others of being conditioned. When you hold that to be truth, it is your own universe being on display.


Al Gore in a way said something similar in an “Inconvenient Truth”

“It’s not what we don’t know that can hurt us. But what we know for sure that ain’t so.” - Al Gore

The simple truth; one cannot unlearn untrue things that are not known to be untrue. Due yo the uncertainty of the information available to make a truth absolute.

This is the unfortunate thing in an information age. Where facts are sometimes wrong or misinterpeted &/or misrepresented.

Nice pic btw.


“The main thing that I learned about conspiracy theory, is that conspiracy theorists believe in a conspiracy because that is more comforting. The truth of the world is that it is actually chaotic. The truth is that it is not The Iluminati, or The Jewish Banking Conspiracy, or the Gray Alien Theory.

The truth is far more frightening - Nobody is in control.

The world is rudderless.”

― Alan Moore


It’s a tentative control by a number of people, groups, and alliances. Nothing nefarious. Well, at least for us who are in civilized counties.

Define ‘civilized’… :smirk:


LOL, I’m not going there, except that where I live, the UK, is very safe. At least until Brexit :smiley:


Very safe… then it’s safe to say it’s not LONDON!!!

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lol, no. Very Vicar of Dibley

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[quote=“Chucksta, post:7, topic:9037”]LOL, I’m not going there, except that where I live, the UK, is very safe. At least until Brexit

Except that it is one of the few “civilized” countries where bombs explode, people get knifed in the streets, cars gets thrown on the crowd, full or radical islamists…

But you’re free to feel it’s a “safe” country :grin:

That kind of talk is just scaremongering by those that are weak minded. Tin foil hat types that see conspiracy wherever they look.

It’s a very, very safe country.

London is my main city for night life, and I have never ever had any problems there.


“Conspiracies”, “Thin foil hatters”, “Weak minded”, “Snowflakes”…always the same terminology…always the same robotic responses, none or very little intelligent argumentations…ZERO consistency…that’s the only thing all you people who use these words have, and can do…

Unfortunately the FACTS contradict you.

It may be a safe place…BUT, yet…none of the things I listed happens in “low culture places” (but only because your culture considers them this way…) like Italy, Greece, Hungary, Portugal, just to name some of them…

And we’re back to the original text of the image the thread was started…

Read a book about how life was 200 years ago. And then rethink your theory.

Truth is: Life was never that safe before. Nearly everywhere on the planet!
Of course there a places “safer” than others. But the change over time is even more in poorer countries. They catch up. And it’s good.

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Some metacommunication @Lillo :
When using ‘gotscha’ reasoning like: “I use facts and you dont”, you are really confining the area in which reasoning can be hold valid or invalid arguments for your purposes. Because you are somehow the judge of what is valid and what is not.

In this thread no reasoning from another person will ever reach you, because some people think outside that personal box of yours holding ‘valid fact’ and ‘not valid opinions’. Because you set the rules. I see you use a term like ‘low culture places’. That is apparently something that buzzes in your mind.

The premise is kind of a personal mindtrap of yours in which someone else needs to first accept your way of thinking and than submit to your worldview.

But do not despair. In the end we are all prisoners of our own imagination.


No, it’s just a term that unfortunately some cultures use to define other nations (not my nation’s culture), and it’s well visible in how they speak, how they politically see these nations…I never use it, it was a sarcasm from my part…

You say that I’m thinking inside of my personal box ? But sadly…I’m the only one here hinting at more wide points of view (and all I say everytime plus what I post, confirms just that…)

But some people are reading thru the lines, and reading the articles with interest, without making useless comments like you all that reply do…so…

Nice quotes:


This. This is what I am trying to say to you. You are the judge. I did not respond the way you liked, so my opinion is ‘useless’. You have set the rules which others must abide by to even make a chance to be contemplated by you. And if they are not to your liking, you can dismiss them as they are ‘useless’. Making a discussion impossible if they are not within your set of rules.

You are confining yourself within your own set of rules. You have made yourself a prisoner of your own gold standard of thruth. Nothing else than what abides by your rules will reach you.

I know you can read, but I am afraid you are not willing to accept the key to the closed prisondoor of your own making I am giving you. You have accepted the freedoms and truths your imagination can give you and there is no room for improvement. That is fine by the way, as everybody lives that way.

We are all prisoners of our own imagination. So am I. It is pure logic, by the way. Because no one can comprehend anything beyond their imagination, or their wildest dreams.

You cannot think of another even greater truth than yours. Because letting go of your own truthsystem, makes you feel uncomfortable.


And you know very well why…because if people who just reply in the way all the repliers (well almost…) have done until now, with just a “Watch out !! Conspiracy !!” deserve to be judged, simply because their behaviour is one of a retard…and must be reflected back to their retardness…

You don’t even realize I’m saying the same thing that you’re trying to make me notice…

Second: Making a discussion with these people is impossible, because their reply is just a total-negation, and a total shut down of any terrain of discussion, they just want to deny, POINT…

Third: I NEVER replied to you in this thread…so please explain your "I did not respond the way you liked, so my opinion is ‘useless’, otherwise it is pure nonsense, and thin air picked from who knows, or you’re talking on behalf of someone else, which is not a good thing…and if I did replied to you that way on some other thread, it means you’ve acted exactly like some of these retards…

Even if I’ve explained all the above, on interminable occasions, and clear my intentions and methods, you still want to accuse me of being closed minded…it’s okay…

Please, tell me…what is to be learned from such people just shutting the door to an open talking, or just attack at once, as soon as some content disturbs them ? I certainly don’t have to learn anything from that so don’t tell me the philosopihical stuff you’re writing now…because it certainly don’t applies to me.

Don’t worry, it’s perfectly okay…what I post will reach the ones interested, and anyway there will always be naysayers and people who can not stand the idea that there can be different realizations than those on which they based all their false security, which is why these people react in this way …

And…I certainly prefer to be hated for what I AM, rather than being appreciated and liked for what I am not… :slight_smile:



Let us agree to disagree. May you find the souls you yearn for.


The real fact without living somewhere your awareness is second hand. News media focuses on ill deeds to hold popularity.

It’s why you don’t iften see news reporrs on good deeds.


Some of the media, yes…but I certainly do not rely on that kind of media you’re talking about.

Being optimistic and thinking positive of everything doesn’t change the reality you live in, it only negates it, unfortunately…

It’s only after seeing both the darkest facts and common facts that the light can shine on something you knew nothing about before.

Otherwise it is just walking blindfolded, like towed horses, repeating to yourself “all is right…all is fine…” , that is BTW the same danger VR is posing to all us humans, if we are not careful…

The pic I once posted somewhere else perfectly depicts it: