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Hi, not been back on the forums for a long, long, long time.

Can anyone tell me what’s the latest with the wireless module? There doesn’t seem to be any mention of it in the recent announcements I’ve read through.

I’ve had the OG Vive with wireless for a long time and whilst I can see myself playing sim games with my Pimax (especially now I have a racing rig) I can’t see myself going back to tethered for roomscale games after so long with the Vive.

Of course if the wireless module ever materialises I could ditch the Vive and use the Pimax for everything (which would be great).

The last thing I ever heard about it was mid year 2020 the COO stated that it had been put on the back burner for a little while due to other priorities but it is still in the pipeline. That stated I don’t see it coming anytime soon to be honest. If memory serves me correctly, the materials required to make wireless on the Pimax possible are either not available in mass quantity, or we simply are not that far ahead “technically” speaking to support it due to bandwidth issues. There was a reason but its been a while since I saw the video talking about it.

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I think @PimaxUSA stated on these forums a while back that the relevant wireless transmitter/receiver chips would be available in sufficient quantity for mass manufacturing some time 2021…


I think it’s been sort of forgotten which is unfortunate because wireless PCVR would make a huge improvement to the 8KX. No more having to be super concious of how you are turning in VR. The freedom from the umbilical cord :stuck_out_tongue:


Possibly latest thread with info


Kevin quote, expand it to see the wireless part or follow the link :


If Pimax was actually committed to a wireless solution they would have started giving us updates by now. Since there aren’t any, my guess is it’s not going to happen.

If they are waiting on a third party part, then they are waiting on a third party part, and there are no updates to speak of until that becomes available.

DisplayPort and related stuff is very routine. Chances are, there is a slot in the semiconductor manufacturing pipeline, a set date when the chip will be available, a few weeks after that PCBA will have completed electronics assembly, and maybe a month later Pimax can finish their own product assembly and testing. Then shipment of the final product can happen.


Have you ever designed a complex multi-layer PCB with dozens or hundreds of components/traces, and sent it off to PCBWay or similar, with the components themselves being sourced by PCBWay themselves from distributors (ie. Mouser) who may in turn backorder from fabs?

Manufacturers are very accurate with their timelines.


No, but I at least expect Pimax to show some enthusiasm or interest in wireless while they wait for the manufacturers.

I would not so much if I were them. They have projects like Pimax Experience, needed PiTool features, needed firmware features, etc, that must be absorbing as much of their attention as possible.

Personally, I know the feeling, and once something is sent off to the manufacturers, I can easily find myself unable to care much less about that project while I do something else in the meantime.

That is the thing about doing projects where you are both the architect and developer. You learn just how exhaustive, and how exhausting, it really is. There is a reason not a lot of people in the world take on such projects - it really is a case of ‘earn your happy ending’, and has to be worth it.

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