Wireless module? Can we get an update on Pimax Day 3?

@PimaxQuorra @apple @hammerhead_gal

Really looking forward to hearing news about the wireless module. Can you give an update for it on Pimax Day 3? Even if you will just tell us what’s happened with it and if it might be ready this or next year after controllers are done.

Also with the controllers please make controllers have an option when buying to have no trackpad and instead to just gave analogue joysticks on both controllers without trackpads @PimaxQuorra @apple @hammerhead_gal


Hello @Zen

We may not talk much on the wireless module here, but shall we leave it to the Pimax Day 3?

About the controller, the detailed information will be reveal on the event.

Please kindly stay tuned.



You mean Pimax Day 4 as Pimax Now was the PD3 :laughing:


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