Wireless module and sense controller production timeline update?

Can Pimax pls give an estimate on Pimax day 3 for how long after DMAS/sword controllers, will the wireless module and “sense” controllers be ready? also would be good to know if there is a analogue stick only option for pimax controllers without trackpads. @PimaxQuorra @PimaxUSA
Even if they are not ready a rough estimate without the month would be nice to hear (like sometime later in this year, or sometime in 2022).

I don’t think there is much of a chance of an update on this - the whole industry is deadly quite on it. What we need is someone that really knows what’s going on with the technology in general to give a heads up. I presume there must be a problem somewhere.

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I think they might have learnt lessons as well from the eye tracking module debacle. On the deceptive large time requirement between ‘working pretty well prototype’ and ‘bullet proof ready for the mainstream and wider population’. Especially with these bleeding edge new technologies.


yes this is a really good point, no announcement for this year makes me think next year is more likely.

I wonder whats the problem? quest 2 can supposedly do 120hz by using a wifi 6 modem?

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Don’t forget there’s quite a difference between the quest2’s integrated hardware/software and a pimax to accommodate this. Q2 is handling it differently than sending a dp/usb signal over wireless and converting back and be stable enough, especially at the limits pimax have pushed it.

I assume wifi 6 in its current form doesn’t satisfy the ability to do this well enough yet? idk… Certainly interesting to find out what the requirement is and updated indication of possible timescales.

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