Wireless Adapter (Vive)

HTC has announced the Vive(pro) Wireless Adapter… with this now becoming a reality for higher resolutions

@deletedpimaxrep1 I am assuming that all the time that has passed/time to come while working on the Pimax 8K/release you have not been sitting still and by now have a wireless solution in the making too…

I am thinking you have the wireless module solution ready in time to ship along side with the headset units yes?

can you give us an update about this?


That’s the state of this stretch goal in the current FAQ.

Gotta remember it’s a STRETCH goal. So something that is expected to be ready after the HMD itself.

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They have had plenty of time


and they still do


$300 is being touted for the adapter because of TPcast pricing , but how much will the special connector cost to use it with the vive pro ? and will this little connector allow us to use any old cable to run to the pc instead of the ( replacements unavailable ) proprietary cable . ?

I think I read the Pro adapter will cost 60 USD/Eur

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Here in Belgium it is 345€ for the wireless adapter and 75€ for the assortment of crap you need since the vive pro was purposefully designed to not simply be able to click it on, what you can do with the og vive… “genius” htc moneygrabbing :smiley:

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wow 75 Euro. Oh of course, I forgot here in Europe we are all rich and need to pay more :slight_smile: Like 300-400 bucks more for a GPU…


As far as I can make out the “special” adapter cable is no more than hdmi/usb3/power to their damned proprietary connection 75 Euro

on the positive though it might allow me to use regular hdmi/usb3/power cables with the pro if required

edit / Just seen the setup and no such luck

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This vive pro wireless adapter is not far off the bandwidth required for the pimax at 170 * fov so maybe it could be hacked somehow , only 20% in it as far as I can tell simply by counting pixels

The 345 euro is not all, it also states: ‘Sales tax not included in MSRP’. So in most European country’s an extra 21%. (72.45 euro) = 417.45 euro.

For the VIve Pro and extra 88.20 euro Tax. = 508.20 Euro.

And shipping if you order from Vive.com

Completely insane.

On a “very very good channel” Sebastain says that better idea is to save that 60 $ for Pimax 8k. Well, I’m glad that he eventually says something positive about Pimax 8k :slight_smile:


Wait if i have the regular vive i dont need the extra $60 stuff? All i need is the adapter correct?

Yeah it is silly. the cheapest rtx2080ti I find is 1300€ …
The vive pro wireless kit is 420€ :smiley: gotta love HTC overpricing + european tax…[quote=“Toba, post:13, topic:7647, full:true”]
Wait if i have the regular vive i dont need the extra $60 stuff? All i need is the adapter correct?

That’s right, yeah.