Will this usb to 12V work on pimax 5K?



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I would say no. Pimax wall psu is 12v 2amps

That stepup Specs
5v 2amp input
12 1amp output with rec max .8amps.


Well Helio… i ordered one from amazon prior to your reply. It came today and it actually works, I just played 10mins of ED using this stead the psu. my main usb goes to a usb 3.1 and this went to a 3.0

I am sure some power loss somewhere but I dont think i want or should push my luck as my hmd has no issues.

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Good that it works. I would be careful. But it seems the 5k might have less draw for 12v.

There is an adapter posted on the forum to use a Sata or molex psu connector for the 12v supply for use with headset.