Will there be a spreadsheet update this week although Chinese New Year is being celebrated?

I was just wondering if Pimax-USA will provide a spreadsheet update this week I am aware that most of Pimax are celebrating the Chinese New Year but will there be any info for backers who are still waiting because it seems like a long time since the last spreadsheet update, will there be any info which will make the wait less painful for backers like myself who are eager for an update?

Nothing will happen.

Nobody is there. Nobody.

BUT, they gave us the promised Brainwarp update which we craved so much.

Will be a loooooong week.

They couldn’t even give us an update on the 8ks before CNY I doubt they will do it during.

They couldn’t even give us an update on… anything, at any point. Ever.

We’re supposed to just wait while backers with numbers hundreds or even thousands above us get their’s and we don’t get anything other than “we’ve shipped something from somewhere to somewhere else so some people might get a headset eventually maybe”.


I see that the guy that got his was from the USA its a shame theres no posts from European backers yet

US backers in the 6000’s are getting theirs the last few day and crickets for Canadian backers. Back to the shitty Rift for now.

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