Will the PiMax 8K really work with my 980ti?

It says it requires DP1.4, but the 980 cards only support 1.2?

Just wondering if I’m missing something, or I need to update to a 10XX card?

I would like to know this as well as a 980Ti owner.

You wont be able to use the true 8k x, as that one needs displayport 1.4
GTX 980 uses displayport 1.2.

I think that our GTX 980ti will actually work with 8K X, but with less bandwidth capacity, in others words “slowly”.

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Plus the 8k X needs two DP cables and the 980ti doesn’t have 2 DP slots.

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Yes it has, check this review.

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The 8K-X min recommended atm i believe is 1080 ti

Waiting for Volta before I replace my 980Ti.

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What about The Regular 8K, not the 8K X? The kickstarter page says it needs DP 1.4 but 980ti’s only have DP 1.2 on them.

@anon23564932 @bacon @Matthew.Xu

We’d need the team to answer this one.

But with checking display port wiki the 1.2 would have suffient bandwidth to run the 5k/8k model however if i am reading correctly the headset will run at 75hz/eye with dp 1.2

Now for 8k-x backers the Kickstarter Faq does answer the question of upscaler.

For 8K, the DP1.2’s bandwidth is enough, that means the 8K work with 980ti.


@bacon, GTX 980 TI with Display Port 1.2 support 4K resolution @ 75 hz; splitted in 2 panels should do 4K @ 35 hz that it would be enough for movies. Please consider it for Piplay Video mode.

No the 8k upscales 2x 25601440. If you add 50201440 it is around 4k so 75hz/eye

Doesn’t it alternate?

So it’s only 2560*1440 per frame? Otherwise getting 90hz isn’t possible?

From what i’ve read in dp wiki it will do 75hz @ 4k. So if you use Brainwarp you should get the perceived 150hz (75hz/eye out of phase)

Now its also possible the upscaler may be able to interpolate the non brainwarp to 90hz? @bacon

If I understant the concept ccorrectly.

Remember to split in 2 panels :slight_smile: GTX 980 ti supports 4K @ 75hz for 1 panel, splitted in 2 panels it would be 4K @ 37.5hz. Now with Brainwarp should be 75hz again ??

There is no split in the refresh. But due to DP 1.2 bandwidth can only output 75hz @ 4kish resolution. The 8k-X has a split as it requires 2 seperate connections. The 5k & 8k base simply has panels chained together so to speak.

1440p/eye at 75hz/eye combined they add to a touch more than 4k (approx 200pixels more)