Will the Artisan get the same "Vision" housing like the 8KX?

Just after CES the Pimax Artisan was advertised as “Vision Artisan” on the official store page. Just a few days ago you could google for Vision Artisan and you still got the old store link. I even tweeted Sweviver about it but never got an answer. And today they removed the url alltogether.


Since two people here already have the Artisan and reported that they used the old brittle housing of the 5K+ and that they already found cracks after a few days of playing is not really comforting.

Can the official Pimax account here or Sweviver make a statement if newer Artisan headsets will get the new housing (blue one) and even the comfort kit ? I already read a post where they stated that we will get updates soon. That was a month ago and since then they turned radio silent.

If they really keep their course the company will lose even the hardcore pimax supporter.

Also on a sidenote get Sebastian from MRTV the NDA cancelation! Or are you guys afraid of honest reviews ?


The Artisan is the black casing as released. It has been confirmed it will come with comfort kit.

@PimaxQuorra may have additional details.

As for Sebastian; I doubt pimax is afraid of his honest reviews. See the 8kX impressions video.

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Still the black housing shown on the meetups (in berlin) recently was a higher quality one and it was sturdy like the ones from the 8KX. That’s definetly not the case with the shipped artisan headsets.

Also they stated that they will free him from the NDA’s some time ago and since then nothing happend.


Unless you think my review is not honest, he will tell the same thing that I did, this headset is very good.
Except the housing which is driving me crazy …like…really…I can not understand this.
Unless they said it was the first units that used this housing and now every other will have a better one or something like that…which would be own up that this was made on purpose…so that is how the first customers, the ones that believed in it right away got treated, because yes, I did buy it, it was not sent to me just like that.


I never doubt it that the headset and it’s visuals is good. That’s not the part. Pimax had quality problems with it for a damn long time. I mean there are reports way back where people got cracks or even holes in their Pimax headsets from normal use.

The point is that the shown headset at the meetups was a higher quality one than the units you poor guys has recieved. And they even changed the entire Artisan orderpage from “Vision Artisan” to “Artisan”. Even in your PiTool the Artisan is still shown as Vision Artisan.

If Pimax showing around a better Artisan headset with a better casing then make the orderable headset the same.

Pimax should be more open and finally think about their future in the VR game. They are one other HMD manufacturer with a similar wide FOV away from being obsolent. Either they get their stuff together, ship the promised stuff to all backers and finally take care of the quality problems. Or they will not have a bright future.

They are already branded as a company with empty promises. Now it’s time to save face.

And the whole company structure is a mess as well. Sometimes you have no clue who is in charge of the whole mess.

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The housing for the Artisan at the meetups and CES was the black housing. No at present having 2 units reviewed have developed cracks is not a good sign.

The Vision Label was an error as the Artisan is not part of the Vision Line up. Current Vision Headsets: 5k Super(not released yet), 8k+(Rekeased), 8kX

But reports from a few ppl that have received 5k+ with latest serial 204 have had good reception on stating housing seems vastly improved from earlier releases.

As for Seb; I have great respect for him and I am sure once pimax has the opportunity they will resolve things. At present the team is working from home. However this is matter between pimax and Seb and we should respect that. :beers::sunglasses::vulcan_salute::sparkles:


And here this just proofs that there has to be a higher quality Artisan which was shown around on meetups.

The Vision headsets have a special coating which both of the recently shipped units like the one from Ludx doesn’t have. And since the Artisan was shown as a “Vision” headset until recently is actually a proof why the Artisan headset from the meetups felt sturdy like the 8KX.

And together with the recently changed Pimax Artisan link which shows the headset as Vision Artisan

And it is also still shown as “Vision Artisan” in the PiTool

And well the recieved headsets are not coated at any way and have the same quality as the old 5K+…I hope for them that they change it.

my and my friend’s helmet 203 series, maybe they decided to use the old stocks of bad casings for the budget artisan

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I guess you didn’t attend the meetups or CES. Or even Watched @mixedrealityTV CES coverage or others. Artisan is not a Vision Model - the web page was posted in error and pitool hasn’t been revised to correct the mislabeling.

If you would like a Vision Series headset there are 3 to choose from when all are released.


That would be my guess old housings were used by mistake. Easy check is to feel how the Artisan Housing feels vs 8k and earlier 5k+ housings. As one user described the serial 204 as feeling more Robust.

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This is not acceptable. Especially since you guys are not reviewers. You have purchased the headset.

It’s not a beta version.

And @Heliosurge I don’t buy the whole mislabeling of the Artisan. Especially as I can confirm that the housing of the Artisan on the meetup in berlin was the coated Vision housing. And you want to tell me that is was mislabeled everywhere…


And just as a headsup. The black casings of the headsets in berlin felt similar to the 8K+/8kx housing and it hasn’t had the hollow sound when tapped against it.

Yes the serial start by 203, as I show it in my unboxing.
Yes they used…what? some old 5k+ housing laying around to get rid of them? This is what upset me.

It is not shown as Vision Artisan in Pitool but just Artisan.


@Ludiks is a reviewer and so is @16bit they posted Reviews. :laughing: ludx has his own youtube channel.

Again you failed to have followed the Artisan as it has been demoed and pictured as having the black casing not the Vision’s Blue.

Your starting to sound familiar with being stuck on 2 mislabeling. And ignore proof to the contrary of your belief.

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Black housing was ok to me as long it was the one that got fixed using the new chemical treatment.
But this is not what the Artisan have, it have some old brittle one.


As mentioned I think they used older casings by mistake and not the ones used in the 204 5k+.

Probably didn’t have obsolete casings properly identified for non use.

Yeah well if it is serial related, the 203 ones, this cannot be a mistake.
I wait for info to let my subscribers what is is all about.
The first ones, the 10 first, the 100 first? All?..
For a small channel like mine, the videos about Artisan have really good amound of views/likes and comments. People are interested about this and they have to know what is going on.


Just irony he doesn’t recognize folks who buy headsets as reviewers.

I am fairly certain a batch of housings was used by mistake. Check the feel of the housing vs your 8k. If it feels similar than it is unlikely one of housings used in 5k+ serial 204. If a batch of obsolete housings was used we will see more failed Artisan housing cracks. Which equals more costs to pimax and a bad image.

I suspect Cat here might be related to another member here whom had 13+ siblings.