Will the 8k+ run on my pc?

Hi, i currently have a order in for the 5k+ and i am checking if i can upgrade it now, before i do so do you think the 8k + will run on my pc?

MSI 1080ti 11gb
32gb 3200mhz ram
i7 9700k cpu

Also is it worth the upgrade from the 5k+? the upgrade will be a extra $200

Thanks :slight_smile:

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the 8K+ and 5K+ are equal in terms rendered resolution and performance. The housing and screens (and upscaler as a result of them being 4k) are the differences.

That said, both headsets would run well on that pc yeah. The consensus on the 8k+ is iffy. 8k+ has less SDE but actually most often has less clarity due to the upscaler chip. However, to me the housing issues that persist with the 5k+ lineup are not acceptable at that pricerange. Almost everyone, myself included, has cracks.

The RE or rugged housings are much nicer, and come with the vision 8k+ headsets. For that alone id go with it.


Yeah, housing really doesn’t bother me at all, i think i will stick with the 5k+ if it will be better for clarity and refresh rate :slight_smile: thank you



It really depends tbh. I have both 5k+ and og 8k. Myself I prefer the 8k. The image is not as soft as many believe. For me I find the 5k+ is too sharp.

However the 5k+ has more refresh options than the 8k+ and unlike the 8k+ the higher refresh rates are released. The 8k+ still missing the advertised 110hz mode for 5+ months now.


Thank you very much, i do see a lot more people talking about performance problems with the 8k+ on Reddit, so i feel like its just a safer option to choose the 5k+ especially if i’m using it for Beat Saber, Boneworks, Asseto Corsa, Dirt Rally and a lot more games, it seems like it will be a all round winner :slight_smile:

sorry to reply again but its a really hard choice, i just seen @Dreamwriter post and he has around the same specs and apparently its really good, i’m going from a Rift S so i don’t know whats going to be a better experience for me :frowning: @Heliosurge

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My understanding is that Rift S and 5k+ have similar clarity and SDE. The rift S might even be slightly better actually, but it has a tiny FOV and a bad refresh rate.

Imagine the same detail of the rift S with double the FOV and 120 or 144Hz, that’s basically a 5k+. As I said, I’ve read total 50/50 responses. Some people view the 8k+ as an obviously major upgrade, and some actually prefer the 5k+. Unfortunately these aren’t something you can try out in public, not that you could with COVID going on anyway.

To be honest, the 8kX and the artisan are the only things I find interesting from pimax atm. The artisan has even better clarity than a 5k+ with the same refresh options. Yes, a smaller FOV, but max FOV has distortions on the 5k, 8k etc. I play normal FOV on my 5K, 120hz exclusively. Not to say it’s any are bad HMDs, but for the price the artisan is actually quite compelling.


Yeah, Definitely going to go with the 5k+ i am absolutely amazed with the Rift S screen quality and minimal SDE (coming from the HTC Vive) , so having that but a huge fov and refresh rate while also using the index controllers will be mind blowing, i can not wait for the 5k+ :slight_smile: thank you very much for all the input.

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Enjoy. I love my oculus quest and 5k+, I feel like I have the best of all worlds. The 5k+ with index controllers and alyx is mind blowing, hope all goes well with your order.

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Yep and thank you very much for all the input, I hope the best for you and your VR headsets :slight_smile:

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The upgrade from 5K+ is 8K X

dreamwriter had 8K and have made the upgrade to 8K +

9700k is 8 Core cpu faster than ryzen 5 1600 6 core

8K X has dual mode so do not worry you can use it

and you need only a new GPU to enjoy native resolution 8K for long time.


hallo curssin, you have the absolutely same specs than me. Similar CPU, GPU and RAM. I*ve no performace problems with my 8k+.

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Yeah choice can be hard indeed. As @thall said the 5k+ and Artisan are a nice upgrade coming from Rift S. Weighing cost and performance. With not already having a pimax any are nice upgrades. Price wise Artisan and the 5k+ are a nice upgrade. If you find the sde reasonable then the 8k+ not really a need to spend more on.

The 5k+ is a good choice vs the Artisan with having potential more refresh option. Though atm for the 144hz needs to have a new firmware as the alpha most have reported ipd seems to be off in this mode.

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I get to have fun twiddling settings until I can get the 8k+ working acceptably on a 1070ti, but I managed to get the og Vive working on a 750ti so I’m sure I’ll force it to do something at least.


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