Will the 8k gain clarity with Brainwarp?

The 8k currently has Monocular 80 Hz but will change to 160 Hz binocular volume achieved by Brainwarp. Any chance of increase in clarity or is it still limited by the upscaler?

The clarity is unlikely to change just because of ASW or similar techniques. The impact of the scaling on the image is always going to introduce upscaling artefacts given the hardware.

Neither of the possibilities for solving it available anymore. The first would have been a substantially more powerful scaling unit or two (which may not exist and not in the power budget) which used a substantially more advanced algorithm which could produce a better result with less problems. The second solution would be a custom ASIC that would implement a powerful but adjustable upscaling that in the future could apply resolution in a foveated way so the centre or focussed area could be at full pixel resolution with the rest being reduced. Neither happened so neither is an actual option anymore.

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No, everything will be worse with reprojection than without it…but reprojection, if done well, is not as bad as terrible frame rates in a lot of cases.
It doesn’t improve picture but makes an unplayable game playable by increasing fps at the cost of visual bugs…making the picture worse.
When it comes to the original idea of brainwarp I don’t think anyone at pimax has read a first year neurology textbook. There’s never been any scientific presentation of what they propose to do or any background science on why it would work. The worst part is they don’t mention safety studies…that this playing with your neuropsychology doesn’t have harmful consequences.
The original idea totally comes across as a drunken idea written on a napkin and then suddenly pimax were ‘of course it’s totally going to work, and won’t screw up minds at all’ with a whole world missing in between.
Resellers in countries with consumer protection should be treading carefully. They will be liable for health complaints brought about by the product interfering with the customers health.
‘Let’s play Neurologists’ may be a fun game until you bring it into the marketplace where you will be held account for your games.
I’d really like to see some scientific background to the concept and some safety studies…before pimax let loose the original idea.
Give us reprojection now though.


There may be patent issues with doing pure reprojection.

2 centuries ago some people said the same about trains, too much speed movement would damage brains, now we went to the moon, and travel in cars capable to reach 300mph… without totally lost our minds except for petrol heads of course :wink:

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Guess we could have have brainwarp today with our VR HMD of choice and 3 hits of lsd. :flushed::star_struck::exploding_head::clown_face::fox_face::fire::fire::sparkles::mushroom:

Yes but travelling at speed does cause quite a lot of the populace motion sickness and travelling into space causes a whole host of physical problems including balance issues. These activities absolutely do impact on many people who use them.

I am not saying Brainwarp will or wont, but to use two examples where literally millions of people suffer adverse effects, some of them quite chronic after the event I feel kind of undoes that type of argument.

The main argument for why it is unlikely to cause issues is that similar systems haven’t done with other VR headsets or 3D glasses. We have been using alternating eye vision systems of decades and we have been using time warp and other adjustments for a few years now without a lot of increased reports of problems. These aren’t sure things where perhaps a retraining of the vestibular system might occur and cause people more serious problems with extended exposure but there isn’t good evidence to suggest it will.

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I’m not saying it will. I’m saying it is totally possible to screw someone’s health with visual stimuli (most commonly known is seizure inducing strobing) and so if you’re going to play around with tricking our brains with flashing visual stimuli then I expect you to prove it doesn’t cause obvious health concerns before you sell it to me.