Will the $4m stretch goal affect pledges that do not include controllers?

First time posting, please bare with me here. I haven’t really seen this question asked yet, and I was a little confused regarding the $4mil stretch goal.

I have a Vive and backed for the 8k pledge that does not include controllers and base stations. Was the 4mil goal exclusive for pledges that include controllers? :confused:

If you did not pay for controllers, you not getting controllers. the goal is for people who buys controllers only


The controllers may become obtainable from the Pimax website but the wait time could be even after Steam’s knuckles.

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As people have indicated you won’t get controllers if you didn’t pay for them. However, you do have a right to have your opinion or vote on features of the controller as you still have an option to purchase them retail (or at survey) once everything is released.

If you have a Vive,you can use it with the 8k.