Will retail Pimax 8k (non Kickstarter) release later than February? And will it be a newer/better model?

I’m not backing the headset now because I fear that Pimax might release an even more improved version of the Pimax 8k between February-June. So, is that the case? Or is it better to just back the headset now and get it in January since there won’t be newer models?

Also, if I buy the retail version, will I get the Kickstarter goals with it?

And will it be more expensive than the Kickstarter price?

Most everyone will encourage you to become a backer now, so we have the possibility to reach more stretch goals. However, I am going to be honest about it, and let you come to your own conclusions:

PRO in become a backer:

-Obtain 200-300 USD worth of free stuff (I am including the 2M stretch goal because we are literally half a day away)

  • Get the headset earlier. They have mentioned that they will not begin retail shipments until AFTER everyone who backed the kickstarter gets theres. Currently, the 8K X backers are set to receive theirs in May, so you are looking at the fastest retail versions coming out in June 2018, but probably a few months later than this.

  • Chances are the headset will retail for $50-$100 more than the kickstarter price.

CON in become a backer:

  • Waiting it out, you may get a prettier box, better packaging if you wait it out.

  • It’s possible they may have a sightly improved version by retail time, but I doubt it. I think you will mainly be getting better packaging…

  • No Customs fees. This is big, I have to say. You could save a good amount of money on this.

Thats pretty much it.

EDIT: No you won’t get the kickstarter goals if you buy retail… Because they are for the people that back the kickstarter… Its possible that the built in headphones will become standard (come retail) but who knows.


Hi. Pimax have indicated there won’t be any physical difference between the kickstarter units and the retail version. The only thing they have said may differ is the packaging it comes in. I would highly dobut the retail model comes with kickstarter rewards

look at it this way, The 8k you get in Janurary will be worth its weight in gold to people who missed the kickstarter. Its safe to say you could sell it easy if you change your mind


the obvious other consideration is that if you wait for the retail version, you avoid the risk of losing your money on a failed KS project. If the amount you need to pledge for an 8K is really hurting you and even in the worst case, if Pimax doesn‘t deliver on its promises (in which case you would not get much back when selling it on ebay) and you know you could not afford to spend the same amount again for say a Vive CV2 appearing some months later (which IMO is unlikely to appear before end of 2018) - wait for the final product to be reviewed and buy then.

However, you will like not get the same value for 500,- if you wait, so it‘s a gamble.

In my view there are some reasons why this does not have the high risk profile of the average KS campaign. The have delivered HMDs before (4K), the prototypes have actually seen a number of hands-on reviews and the number of issues seems under control, only the IPD one a potential deal breaker if you asked me.

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And what if they will do even more improved version of the headset every 6-12 month, you’re never going to buy it? (Oh, my, good, what a childish questions).

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guess i’ll buy it then :joy: thanks bro. Just hope if they make important improvements to the retail version we’ll be able to get a discount for it or something like that

thank youuuu. That relieves me that pimax themselves said there won’t be physical differences other than the packages. And yeah the goals probably won’t come in the retail version

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yeah piss off mate. These guys are doing improvements each month. Whose to say they won’t release the retail version after 1 or 2 months after the kickstarter with significant improvements?

i see. Thanks for the detailed response. Have you backed it?

Yeah, got overrun by the hype train… :wink:


Estimated January…doesn’t mean it will be January …

SO that you people don’t get your heart crushed okay…

my 5 cents

The only thing guaranteed is that you will pay less then retail version and get some extra goodies…

That should be worth it

p.s : If you had to wait +20 years for 4k VR im sure another month or so would not kill you am i right?

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nah it’s fine, i don’t care that much about delaying like one month or so, just afraid that retail version will have improved things like display or optics or cables than the kickstarter version

I think there will always be better versions because as it is now, companies are striving to have the better VR product and will always be innovating on previous models.

Pimax have already stated that they will most likely implement a breakout box in their next version (perhaps the 8k Pro they said) so they already have ideas for an improved product. However, if you always wait for the best product, you’ll never actually play since there’s always going to be another one not too far off.

Just my two cents because like you, I was worried this would not be the finished or best retail product I’m hoping it will be…
But the others are right… They said January for the headset but February for the full packages and no retail version before all backers get their stuff so it might be a while before the retail version comes out.

I personally cannot wait that long as I have no VR headset whatsoever.

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better to have no vr headset tbh and wait for this one then to waste your time on oculus and vive.

you just saved yourself the experience of thinking and saying, WTF oculus/VIVE…you ripped us off by setting the standard so low after you put on the pimax 8k.

I suggestyouto try8k as first headset and then find someone who have rft or vive and try that out, i’m sure youwill be happy 3x more that you didn’t waste money on that garbage.

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Vive/Rift=nintendo graphics 16bit

Pimax 8k=PS4


I think Pimax (for the product after the 8k) should take the internal electronics from the 8k and make Gen2 4k with Valve’s 120 degree lenses, native 4k 90hz support, and light house tracking. If possible, keep the price where the 4k is presently, and offer it with the wireless module.

Staying competitive with Oculus’s hardware stack will be important.

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i have a vive, but i think you all convinced me to back this piece of art called pimax :slight_smile:


When this beast is launched, maybe finally the bigger boys will up their game.

Instead of giving us crap like 1440x1440 ,

next step is native 4k@90k fps with oled and FOV rendering and wireless=> STANDARD…
Or we wait till PIMAX owns 95% of the VR world and then PIMAX will do it.

PIMAX will make china GREAT, PIMAX might become the microsoft of AMERICA

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The Rift & Vive have their glory place in VR history secured already, not having any VR HMD at this point in time would feel like a huge loss to me. Can‘t one be really excited about a potential new gen HMD without trying to belittle the existing ones ?


Must respect our elders, so to speak. Rift / Vive will go down as the beginning, but I hope that Pimax becomes legendary. Becoming THE VR headset to own.


Total pipedream, but if Pimax used Nvidia’s cascaded display design, they could take two 4k displays per eye stacked, for a huge increase in pixel fill factor.