Will Pimax eventually make prescription lens adapters or encourage a 3rd party to make them?

I wear glasses and pre-ordered the 8K X. I currently use a Valve Index with prescription lens adapters inserted and it is so comfortable and convenient.

I think that’s the only thing I’m worried about with Pimax is that I’ll have to wear glasses which will make it less comfortable or start wearing contact lenses which irritate my eyes.



Good question. I sure hope so. Another option is the eye-tracking. Apparently, they are designed so that you can insert a prescription lens.

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Hi Neal
I would’nt consider the eye-tracking as an option for prescription lenses, allthough possible to use the for it apparently. But that’s waaaay too expensive.
Just give us the 3d printable file for the correct prescription lens adapter, or the eye-tracking even :slight_smile: then we can enjoy the possibility of adding small magnets as it has :wink:

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I’ve read the oposite, presc lenses and eye tracking will be incompatible.

I thought they said that there would be a prescription lenses attachment for the eyetracking and that it would be easy to put on and remove since it would be magnetic

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IIRC they said that the eye trackers can hold a prescription lens (I don’t think they needed an adapter) and that eye trackers are easily put in/out.

I thought they already did, although it might not have been the final version. I think they also said that they would eventually start printing them out for backers (on request).

There are also some user made options:


The link in my post that you linked is broken due to that file being superseded by a later version which itself has been iterated on again.

Korgen then improved it further so this is the most recent version of our collaboration:


Hello Dmel642,

Actually when you have the comfort kit with your 8K X, it won’t be less comfortable. As I’m wearing glasses too, but with the comfort kit, the glasses won’t get pressured onto your forehead or feel tight on both side. Somehow we are planning to make the prescription lens adapters in future, and if you can’t wait for the release, you might need to do the 3D print for this item by yourself.



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