Will I have problems if Iaccept the upgrade to Win 11?

8Kx working fine under win 10 pro. If I accept Bill gates upgrade to WIn 11 upgrade will I have problems?

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Probably not, I know some others are fine on 11 but what are the benefits of changing? I personally wouldn’t bother with the potential headache as I see no benefit currently.

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I’m on win11 for almost a year. No performance gain (5k+, 280ti), but no problems too. Talking about windows it feels new, light and fast. And it doesn’t hurt.

just that eventually they will stop supporting WIn 10 and Win 11 is being offered for free.

why change my irish friend ?
mainly of security reasons , tpm support and other stuff…

@op i also use win 11 for a longer time, it is good, i do like it more than 10.
keep in mind that you can not use some security feature, because of the pimax software, but i guess this is nothing new :wink:

seems to work fine.

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