Will Brainwarp happen before the HMD release?

I’m a tap bit disappointed at the fact that most AAA games will run less than 45fps on 1080ti, I’m really hoping the brainwarp technology will happen when they release the HMD

I would assume the eye tracking technology that’s suppose to happen next year could help with the FPS when it is being use for focus rendering, but for the time being I heard nothing about the brainwarp at all yet


I am assuming that it is being worked on but considering that the product only got working well in the last couple of weeks I would guess distortion issues were taking most of they cycles. I am sure this is why they asked if people would want their headset before the software was 100%.

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If it does I will eat cheesecake. (I hate cheesecake enough to barf)

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Cheesecake is freaking amazing.

It must be a bluff…


If the cheesecake is served with locomotion controls, maybe it won’t be a bluff.

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You probably won’t get an answer. I’ve asked 4 or 5 times about this with literally no response from @deletedpimaxrep1 on when it will be implemented and what impact it will have on performance.

To be fair though she has answeresld one of my questions a few weeks ago by saying it’s still under development.

She said it was still being developed & only tested in lab so to speak.

They cant tell you how long it will take to develop, code and test to get working. Development is strange that way and it will take as long as it takes.


The Cheescake???

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If it’s Pumpkin sure. :fork_and_knife:

I can’t warp (i mean wrap) my brain around this topic!!