Will be Crystal able to use pitool?

Hi all. I wondering if Crystal will be able to use pittol instead pimax client.
Could be possible?


Unfortunately a “No” for this question.


No? thats a pitty i like the pimax 8kx better on pitool and because i wanne keep the 8kx and get the crystal i need to swap pitools if i wanne use them both(because pitool works better for me)?

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But Pitool is integrated on Pimax Client, it shall works the same on both applications.

I prefer older versions of PiTool because right now Pimax Client has that bug with weird menus in Luke Ross mods and PimaxXR/Opencomposite, same as new versions of PiTool. Iirc Pimax Client didn’t always recognise my 8KX either.
It’ll be very awkward, in fact nigh on impossible, to have PiTool and Client installed at the same time because afaik they are mutually exclusive. I hope before Crystal release that the Client bugs are fixed.



Besides the Luke Ross and PimaxXR/Opencomposite bugs, do you find any other strange issue while on the Client?

Only little problem i found was that Client sometimes didn’t detect my 8KX was plugged in, i had to swap USB ports for it to be recognised. Apart from that I liked it, the user interface is good.

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This is disappointing, as I don’t like requiring a login to use my stuff/

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Hello @PimaxQuorra , yes we have problems with pimax client, I reported already:

indeed i dont want a login…

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