WiFi disruption

Can we please look into why WiFi has such awful disruptions with Pitool open? It seems like they are constantly sending diagnostic data or something, I’d love to be able to turn it off. I can’t even play multiplayer games with the pimax on my tower upstairs as a result.

Generally it presents as a ~1 second packet loss every 30 seconds or so. Huge dropouts. Closing Pitool fixes the issue. The issue is not present when using Ethernet connection.


Would be funny to do some packet inspection on the various pimax components that are running along with pitool.
You could block them in you windows firewall, best guess would be that only auto update checker would not work


You could try something like this https://www.wireshark.org/


that would be great for the purpose :+1:


Good idea, I’ll give that a shot this weekend

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