Why we need at least ONE big trackpad. The other controller can have a thumbstick

Many games convert the trackpad to FOUR buttons: VIRTUAL NINTENDO ARCADE [NEW RETRO ARCADE] (HTC VIVE) GIF | Gfycat

I prefer a thumbstick for moving around, but we need at least one with a big trackpad… So please make “mixed controllers” an option when ordering,

I require two thumbsticks in VR for many applications. Of course one does not need only own one set of controllers, might as well have different ones for different purposes.

Personally, since I use an Oculus Rift at home, I’ve never felt the loss of a trackpad, even when playing Steam VR games. I’m not saying it’s a bad idea to have the “one of each” option, just that we don’t “need” at least one trackpad.

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“Why I need” is what you should have said… You don’t speak for everyone… Also what is a bug trackpad? I definitely don’t need a “bug trackpad”.


I think they might mean bug trackpad

Lmao :smile::sweat_smile: