Why the disparity in Leapmotion Hand tracking Price

@Matthew.Xu Looking on Amazon, Leapmotion sells for $usd 89.99 on Pimax Your looking at $usd169.00

Why such a big difference in price ?


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Hi, those are different models. the Pimax bundle with leap embedded have adopted leap motion’s latest hand tracking technology. the embedded modules feature a 180 degree field of view that is nearly double that of the company’s flagship leap motion controller. Thanks.


Hi Matthew, thanks for the info.

Is there an ETA on when you expect to be able to ship the handtracking module to those who purchased it as part of their KS pledge?


WOW Thanks so much for you reply ,I want to add Leap motion to my Backers order ,how do I do that ??
As a backer how do I order ? also I want to pay with Paypal
Backer No 6164
Thanks Mathew

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You can’t. I’ve asked that exact same question before:

The used leap motion is version 1. The new version of leap motion is not sold as a standalone by leap. But more as a componet to headset manufacturers to incorporate into their products. Typically embedded where as pimax has made it into an add on.

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