Why o why did i install skyrim vr again and modded it..?

Why the hell did i install it again and modded it again with a list from wabbajack(FUS) and my own mods…

I am totaly lost in this world again on the pimax 8kx,i forgot how immersive and great it was with all those mods…

I spend already again to much hours in it again…It looks so damm great with the lightning etc…

So byby all ,i am back to skyrim again lol…
And now i realy want a nice oled vr headset again to be even be more immersed !


Wow yeah, Skyrim top 3 of all VR games. Amazing in the 5k+. I miss wide FOV.

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Yea i totaly forgot how immersive this game is with the right mods…

I even put this on n.o 1 as a vr game(modded ofcourse)…And i played almost every vr game.

And indeed the field off view does a alot with this game(can you imagine if it was rgb oled with this kind off field off view)Night scenes will become even more special…


I agree, Skyrim is a special game for me too. I played in 2011 on PS3, repeated it later on PC, loved it all the time but was done with it - I thought.

When it became available as a VR port, it was a wet dream come true. Obviously not a great port in terms of VR mechanics etc. but still the world is oh so immersive, it feels so great just to wander through the landscape and enjoy the majestic view & sound (it has a really top notch soundtrack). It’s a sort of a feelgood thing for me to just jump into it for say 20 minutes and soak in the atmosphere. Currently i also use the Jabberwocky set of mods.

And yes, it is one of the not so many games where I sorely notice the absence of the wide FoV of the 8KX when using my G2. I remember that Skyrim and the Conscious Existence experience were the two VR experiences where I felt that I couldn’t really enjoy them on the G2 (or Quest or whatever normal FoV headset), and would stop them pretty quickly as I thought this is an insult to these two because their greatness is clouded when confined to the standard FoV.


I think the recent ChatGPT AI mod looks awesome.


Someone should ask it what they think about the Pimax Crystal lol.


Here i am again,

Now i am sure its my n.o 1 Vr game! Modded with the new:

Light Limit Fix at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com)

No need to use enb to get great shadows,its amazing! I am realy blown away how the game now looks on the pimax 8kx with the minimalistic wabbajack vr mod and this mod and some more tweaking…

Its mind blowing immersive now! Now come on give us a wide field off view rgb oled vr headset!

But i must say with all these tweaks you realy get the night time also amazing even its a lcd screen…And the wide field off view adds alot with his game.

Use azurite weathers with the minimalistic wabbajack vr mod.

Install this : Skyrim Special Edition Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com) its vanilla nights

And after that install darker nights: Darker Nights at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com)

Both mods you need to set too the darkest level for vr!

You will be blown away how it looks!