Why not use the 5k+ panels in the 8k?

Not sure if it’s been asked @deletedpimaxrep1 but what is the result of using the new screens you used in the 5k+ with the 8k upscaler ?

The clue is in the name :wink:


New screens in 5K+ are of the same resolution as the old screens (in 5K), i.e. 2560x1440. There is no need for the upscaler and no need for putting them into 8K :slight_smile:

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Yeah I understand, I was just wondering if they tried :wink:

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Well trying to upscale a 1440p panel to 2160p resolution just doesn’t seem doable. If it can though! I won’t need to buy an 8k qUhd tv; just biy the fancy panel upscaler. Lol

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Now there’s a thought. :slight_smile:
You can try it for us @Heliosurge as you will have both. Pull the scaler from the 8 and retrofit it. Lols

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It would upscale the image to 4K, and then it would be downscale it back to 1440p for display… all you would get is a more blurry image with lost details. No point in doing that, really. It would be similar to supersampling antialiasing, and it’s better to let the application (game, etc…) do that.

We should ask another question, why not use display from the same company, lol.

That’s an easy one.
Simple economics there. Tender the market for the best price, buy shiploads of them :slight_smile: