Why not use 4 1080p scaler chips instead of one 4k one?

That’s what my tv does. It separates the 4k tv screen into 4 quadrants each with its own scaler chip responsible for 1/4th the screen.

1080p upscalers are probably dirt cheap
1080p upscaler chips run blazing fast, theoretically very high fps and hertz could be possible
Readily available
Well tested


if this worked it would be great, but would they really consider such drastic changes to the IC at this point?

Aside from the fact that it didn’t perform as well as they had expected, I don’t think this was ever a hard thing for them. The lens’s, those might have been. But it’s sounding like they nailed it.

It could work though on the otherside it could add latency potentially as well. Hard to say but work a gander.

With the 5k working at 90hz with the same input it does increase the liklihood they will solve this in the 8k.

Interesting…what Tv brand/model are you talking about ?

real talk, if brainwarp actually works as advertised ill be running it at the lowest possible refresh-rate at the highest possible graphics settings hahaha. like if i can get away with 60 brainwarped to 120 i will do it.


Interestingly, I would use the same argument you put up to prove the exact opposite :). The fact that 8K version does not work, while 5K version does, means that probably running 4K panels @ 90Hz is not viable. It may be due to the scaler chip, but it also could be due to the display itself. Either way it seems to be related to the overall bandwidth which 4K@90Hz operation requires.

@aesopfabled Does your TV run at 90Hz? I would assume that the solution in your TV was chosen for different reasons (e.g. cost, or no suitable parts at the time) not the performance.

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Keep in mind Nordic has the 4k panel working at 90hz in a Qualcomm solution. Bandwidth wise in theory the 8k has the same til it is upscsled. Now indeed you could be right as all this is speculation.

I think there might still be some instability though thsts not affecting the 5k but may affect the 8k due to upscaling an instability.

Now on the otherside each display probably has its own upscaler. Which would mean you would go from 2 to 8 (4 per panel) which is potenially alot to add & likely would increase power requirementd(amperage).

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Yeah that’s true. With my tv it only does 4k at 60hz but I’d guess probably they’d see implementing 90hz for a tv as a waste of time.
I can say that on top of 60hz it does low latency game mode, a low persistence mode o top of that, and post processing on top of that. Tv is about 4 years old.

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What is the brand & model? Sounds like it was likely an expensive model at release.