Why no VRR headsets?

Why doesn’t a headset support freesync or VRR… I mean VRR is in the new HDMI 2.1x standard. Freesync is, well, free.

PIMAX loves to incorporate open-source or free-license tech to improve performance.

Admittedly, I do not fully understand the difference between VRR and Freesync…(although I think I understand the difference between freesync and Gsync…)


I think it’s because it’s not a benefit for VR really. You want a steady fixed frame rate, and that’s that. If you add in an option for VRR then it acts as a bandaid and devs would end up relying on it instead of optimizing their games to hit the target steady framerate.

I could be wrong but my understanding is that VRR wouldn’t really help with nausea. Having the games run at a locked framerate is what helps, so that should be prioritized. I’m sure there are plenty more reasons but the benefits of VRR wouldn’t seem to translate anywhere near as well to VR imo.

Personally I believe it would work pretty damn well, and be very much preferrable to motion smoothing, as long as the timing of the action in the frame is correct (that moving bicycle needs to be in the right spot, when the screen flashes on), and the frame duty cycle is right for the duration until the next frame, so that the light level does not fluctuate.

Predicting frame times is the hard part, of course, and there is undoubtedly always the risk developers would use it as a crutch, but in both cases no more than we already have with motion smoothing – argueably potentially less so, since the developers can not let the time between refreshes drop too far, before the view starts to flicker.

It would allow for really playing at arbitrary refresh rates like 73, or 94.2 Hz, if that is what one’s hardware can pull for periods of time, without having to wait for the next refresh cycle, and slipping even farther behind.

(I also firmly believe motion blur would work great in VR, if realistic (therein lies the rub) blur could be produced cheaply – no more strobelight laser pointer trails.)


Yeah. Does it introduce latency?

Afaik, no. At least not the normal pancake monitor implementations.

especially revive…(:shushing_face:)…

but seriously name one example?

I had GSync on my first 4K display. Basically once I hit 30fps it was smooth as butter. 35fps looked as good as 60fps to me. Basically it was like having a GPU that was 1.5x as powerful on average. I miss it and want that again.

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