Why is Pimax limiting the period backers can take advantage of the upgrade program?

There has been much debate as to whether it’s fair to ask backers to give up their stretch goals in order to receive a “discount” or if the discounts are deep enough, but why is no one talking about how we are being asked to make this decision in so short a space of time? There is a whole host of considerations to be made when one considers spending such a large sum of money, not the least of which is the upcoming holiday season. Not everyone who would like to give Pimax more money will have their finances in order by December 31st.

It seems to me Pimax is shooting themselves in the foot as usual, or perhaps simply no one has thought this through? You don’t want my money if I’m not ready to spend it until January 1st? In my particular case I need to RMA my 5K+ but I am extremely reluctant to do so because Pimax changes their position every couple days. A customer is not in the wrong for wishing to do right by themselves by choosing the most advantageous way to spend their money. But Pimax not allowing backers to upgrade after the first of the year is being actively disadvantageous to its own interests as a company.


They plan on releasing some stretch goals and are looking to have backers give them up. By providing a deadline it forces the move.


Yep with Trade offs I can understand a time limit as in theory the MAS should ship in December.

However with recent news seems unlikely with 8k+ & 8kX delays & not if I read right not coming with MAS?

But with what was said about supposed Audio quality of above ear MAS it is strange a prototype is not available for up coming VR Days events. Suggesting…

Even a MAS without audio could demonstrate improved comfort.


8K+ & 8K X delays ??? where did you find this information ?:confused:




I’m sorry, I don’t follow. What about imposing a time limit forces one to give up their stretch goals? Would I not still have to give them up if the deadline were February?

There should atleast be a multitude of reviews released before they close ordering. Forcing people to choose before even any independent reviews get released is kinda sh*tty


Pimax need to plan production numbers so the deadline gives them a date where they can start planning, that is reasonable.
However I agree that a date a Christmas when people have many other expenses and before they even managed to send out headsets for independent review is wrong.

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I noticed in the Pimax store the Pimax 8K+ listed for $999 for Standard audio strap and $1099 for Deluxe audio strap but not anything called a Modular audio strap. Anyone got a fix on what the differences are?

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By why on earth do they not make an official statement of this delay ? why does it take an 8K X backer to go to VR Days to get the information and relay it on the forums ? :confused: cmon Kevin and Sweviver you can do Better than this I know :+1:


They are trying to get people to jump. By imposing a deadline invokes the feeling that one should react or miss out on something. Even with the limited information given concerning the products people have moved ahead and paid a good amount of money. Them modifying the price already is indication that things were not as well received as they had thought. They would have faired better now stating all orders before the deadline receive eye tracking upgade, no additional cost. Then people that paid already feel thay got a better deal then thinking they made a bad move and now need to chase down a refund. I expect to continue to see knee jerk reactions seeing they are still selling us products not produced. This is not a kickstarter campaign anymore and they appear to still be considering it as a crowd funding project.


They need to start presenting things in a much more positive light. Creating bundles with what appears as savings. People will jump on a headset with intergrated hand and eye tracking with delux audio headstrap. Unfortunately these items are still premature and not available to them. They are the ones that need to develop some patients and offer these products when ready. Selling items with no guaranteed delivery date less then 2 weeks will be a tough sale.


If pimax doesn’t limit trade in credit to buy new headset by time. Then stretch goals could be shipping creating a mess. Think of the time limit to downgrade to 5k+ & the adminstrative & logistics mess it created.

Now if they had a version that didn’t involve trade in credits for unshipped products. No time limit would be necessarily. Plus we all know around new years time many companies have sales.

That is a question I can’t answer. But part of the pattern; think of the fact press packs were not sent out to professional media on PD 1 & possibly not on PD 2. When you consider Ben from RdToVR has been very supportive & 2 of our m1 testers Pumcy & Oscar are in those circles.

Yes the masquerading needs to stop.

So they do a roadshow with not a finished 8k x??? What the F…??
Why would we go to that vr days then?


Well, I guess I am susceptible enough to FOMO, that I dropped a support ticked asking to trade in my 10m cable extra for a $70 voucher an hour or two ago (EDIT2: …before they start to ship them out) - wonder how that will work out (just shy of ticket number 20,000 - wonder if there’s any prize for even ten-thousands…;P)…

Who knows… If I hear good impressions from the roadshow, maybe I’ll give in, take that voucher, and defer an intended extra amortisement on the house, to beat that scary end of year deadline… :stuck_out_tongue:

(EDIT: …of course; If we’re looking at more bait-and-switch games with the roadshow, then… ho hum… :7 )

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Apparently also without a MAS & comfort kit as well. If I understand @Fabrizio’s post.

Wonder what revision this 8kX? Hopefully at least the latest.

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The Audioheadstap needed to be ready on the pimax 5kplus,but now its not ready on the 8kx still??