Why doesn't Pimax show videos and its own tests?

I’m thinking… @Pimax-Support @deletedpimaxrep1 @PimaxVR

Pimax has been around for a long time since it was decided to choose a tester group to evaluate your product.

Why do you leave the responsibility of all of them exclusively to them?

I remember that you have not shown videos and images through the lens, performance tests, etc…

I see very little professional after all this time I have not taught anything about the internal tests I imagine you will have done.

And that we take the decision of choosing Pimax 8k or 5k+ (taken like magic from the hat at the last moment) only from the videos, images and opinions of external evaluators.

That there are no qualified professionals at Pimax who can perform all these kinds of tests in order to show us the supposed real potential that Pimax did not stop telling us during the campaign?

We come to the end of everything and we must decide for external reports to Pimax.

Videos and opinions of third parties and with evaluations that really are not expected by anyone.

The deformation continues… And I say it goes on because today they confirm it.

And I read comments where it is said that it is not ready to be delivered.

By the way…

Where are the rest of the voted cities where Pimax was going to hold demonstrations for the sponsors?

Coincidence that it was only done in Berlin before all of us made the decisions?

And to do more demonstrations… What good is it now for the first 150 sponsors who have already sent their choice blindly only with the help of videos and images.


It wouldn’t have anything to do with forum members harassing the staff member who was doing them off the forum would it.


I agree that Pimax needs to come out and explain the differences between the 8k and 5k+. Give us their own screen shots showing us the differences and let us know which one is their flagship product. @deletedpimaxrep1 Pimax needs to explain this to the community in their own words. If you hide and are silent on this issue, no one will trust you. Don’t wait much longer.

Really? So a public VR company that raised millions can’t handle some criticism and even unfair attention. They won’t last if that is the case.

David I think his name was. We begged and pleaded for them to post videos and then he posted a video people didn’t approve of to his personal YouTube and people freaked out so much that he never posted again.

Is there a dollar ammount I can pay to treat your mother like garbage? Your father ? Wife? Paying pimax or McDonald’s for a product is not a licence to be an abusive prick to their staff.to be clear I don’t think you fit that bill, but that’s what was happening .


Sorry, maybe I am misunderstanding… is the OP being a prick to the staff? I don’t condone treating people poorly.


No not at all , I don’t even know if they were around back then. But if people are wondering why pimax stopped posting through the lens videos what happene with David would line up with it one to one.

Don’t know what happened but doesn’t sounds good. But I do wish we heard something directly from Pimax on this issue (8k vs 5k+). I’ll be honest, it’s been really fun to follow.

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Fuck yeah I’d love to have it straight from horses mouth.