Why doesn’t pitool have an “oculus compatability mode” option?

It should be treating borderlands 2 vr as a rift game so we can play it!

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What would that option do? Pitool already plays Oculus VR games. The Vive compatibility setting was based on a specific issue where some SteamVR software based functionality on the internal name of the headset being a Vive, so didn’t work with the Pimax, so that option tells software you are using a Vive.

And Borderlands 2 VR is a SteamVR game, not Oculus…

Borderlands 2 VR has loads of issues on SteamVR headsets (vive, pro, etc as well as the pimax) but works on oculus headsets apparently, so a way of running the game up whilst making it appear that the headset is one of oculus’ might actually make it run better

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Launch Borderlands from Steam desktop you will have option to Launch in Steamvr & Occulus mode.

If like everspace will complain nut should launch fine

Everspace is like or was like that.