Why Does The Pimax Crystal Have An XR2 Chip, Even For PCVR? | Pimax

Quick question @PimaxUSA @PimaxQuorra: What is the ‘customized PC VR Engine’ ?

At first I assumed it was software only but the images in that post imply that it’s a separate SoC or such from the XR2. Could any insight be provided? Thanks!

Interestingly, the Q and A mentioned that the non-QLED portal will use usb C or wifi streaming for PCVR, while the QLED can use a direct mini-hdmi connection or wigig. So…this sort of matches up with the second image above, implying that the QLED model has this “customized PCVR engine” chip while the standard non-qled portal does not (hence its PCVR is limited to being routed through the XR2 only). Is that correct?

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