Why does piservice launcher require firewall access

Both piservice launcher and pitool require internet access for some reason
Pitools makes sense to check for an upgrade but I don’t get why piservice needs access through the firewall , ticking away each time the pc is booted up
I’ve blocked access and I only enable piservice when I want to use the 5k+

Maybe I’m too paranoid to use pc’s lol

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Which PiTool version are you using?

Same for all of them , the latest 262 refused to run without me unblocking internet access lol ( initial setup only )

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Which might be connected to the illegal device errors people are getting. It might now require internet to validate serial number (and once that is established who can tell what they will silently add in future). I don’t like this practice either, did not move to 262 yet (but with 8kX we will be forced).

Down the rabbit hole we go
That would facilitate identifying each user from the HMD serial number
I wonder what else pi service launcher does ???
Everyone spies on me all the time , even vpn’s are no defense as Microsoft/facebook etc still know what I’m upto

Use several pc’s so pretty safe

One just for Money/work stuff
One for Games and vr with alternative login for private
try not to let any one company get too much info , I will even throw in some abstract searches to confuse google profiling

You can simply deny access to the firewall. 262 runs anyway.
Aaaanddd its run very well!

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