Why did you silenced my previous topic?

@PimaxUSA: Why did you silenced my topic yesterday? I did nothing wrong asking/proposing?
Is this really the way backers are treated searching for solutions? Does not add a whole lot of trust, this way to my already doubting feelings. Like to hear an answer in public, because i did nothing wrong afaik.
Tbh i won’t do business anymore, i was waiting long enough for answers. I was going to propose a deal where Pimax would benefit a great deal even though i really don’t think it’s fair to spare Pimax again and loose a lot on my side and that is still not enough?


Not sure why it was outright closed instead of ignored, but I think it’s clear Pimax will not be revisiting the “Upgrade Plans”. They are what they are, and they won’t change again.


Not defending it in any way, but You did see the closing comment, right?

If you have a specific request that pertains to your specific case then please create a ticket.


Yes but no reply and i had thought it could be a solution for more people than only me, hence the poll. Created a ticket more than two weeks ago and the rest you can guess…


In that case they shouldnt say create a ticket for other requests.

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Maybe the time has come to leave all this and go to Valve. I have tried my best and was not succesfull at it. A bitter pill… I hate to give up because i always feel like for every problem there’s a solution. Maybe not :thinking: i Just can’t take this anymore and i should be happy about what goes on… I’m not and i am ready to quit.

I agree; one would think that with an overloaded ticketing system they should stop pointing people towards ticketing and start posting regular updates.


I think because it’s easier to ignore or “forget” or “loose” individual tickets. On the forum it’s more public (hence the silenced posts/people here).


Yes a few well worded and thought out public statements could eliminate a ton of unnecessary tickets.


I believe in the PD3 thread however, @PimaxUSA stated that the tickets weren’t related to lack of info, and their latest information methods were achieving internal goals. So take that for what you will.


You got your answer in your thread, yet you go and open another? Yeah… that seems like the adult thing to do.

I don’t know if you we’re replying to me, but to inform you, my thread was almost immediately closed by pimaxUSA.

I see this is going personal so I will close this topic and leave it v̳i̳s̳i̳b̳l̳e̳
Suggest @mindscan and kevin @PimaxUSA solve this via PM