Why are even professional you tubers unable to produce a decent thro the lens video ?i have a gopro with plenty refresh options on video mode

Why are even professional you tubers unable to produce a decent thro the lens video ?i have a gopro with plenty refresh options on video mode
Lots of pic of pixals and every thing else no side by side video of actual working screens
I guess i will have to give it a go when mine turns up ,but hay still what gives with this ,is it imposible or somthing to do ?

Just try to, when you get your own. Good luck doing it with a go pro, I will enjoy your sufferings.


I could do it, but I’m a professional videographer. Most youtubers aren’t professional videographers.

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can you elaborate ,you sound like you have tried something ?

sounds fancy a .takes me back to the good old days of stereoscopic sign writing :astonished::frowning_face::no_mouth:

  1. You’d need to sync the camera with the backlight of the HMD which will be strobing (else it’ll look awful, like video recordings of CRT monitors is awful).
  2. You’d need to build a device to hold the camera steady relative to the HMD. You’d need a fairly well stocked workshop / machinist shop or experience with CAD and a 3D printer. Just holding a GoPro against the lens would look like hot garbage.
  3. Probably a bunch of other stuff would be needed that I’m not aware of because I’m not a camera guy.

I have an experience of doing macroshots with little additional equipment. You’ll be cursing in seven languages by the end of it with no manual focus. An action camera is totally unsuitable for the job you want it to accomplish. And optics are freaking complex, you probably won’t get a decent shot with some lenses, due to shenanigans with focal distances.


Machine shop check ,idle hands check ,a need to try check :smiley: now i just need a pimax box of tricks

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No, but it’s not difficult. You just put the camera and the headset on a static surface, and use a good quality macro lens. I have a Panasonic GH5 which allows you to sync the frame rate easily with monitors etc. It becomes more complicated when you start moving the headset, that’s when you need to make some kind of rig.

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I look forward to seeing your results (not sarcasm)!

I could do it while pissed on rum


And it’d probably show :wink:

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It would be great to actually see the distortion at the edges you gear about

challenge :drooling_face:

i,ll do my best ,its just a shame i only have the one 8k coming and not both the 5k also

Hmm the wifes been after a macro lens for her camera

This isn’t the best macro lens but the price certainly is right.

Do you need a macro lense though for a camera though? Pimax headset lenses have their own focus distance, infinity if I remember correctly. However such a camera lense is great for screen only capture.

i think it may possibly be nice but she has a nikon 3100 somthing somthing

They make the same lens with a Nikon mount as well.