Who remembers november 2017

Who remembers November 2017.

This is from youtube channel from Linus Tech Tips.
In this is the ‘unboxing’ and required materials setup.
A funwatch if you know the future. :slight_smile:

When you look back at what he said, he was pretty close in his predictions.
Last minute is commercial from his sponsor.
But from minute 13 you hear his conclusion.

Yeah but in this one he screws up calling 3 4k projectors 12k. He’s short by 6 projectors with only then 1/3 the resolution. Lol


He’s as thick as pig shit.


not to nit pick but i think it only matters when the pixels are small real small ,nice having a wapping screen but put smaller screens together and you got a real sharp image (of the same pixel density)
just discovering project cars2 ,need pimax now :yum:

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But that was not the point. It gives some rather nice info on the headset.
Weight is less than Vive, controllers are lighter. No SDE. Those type of info.
It’s not about the person himself.

What I am saying is that if the prototype 8K was already in that shape in november 2017, who knows what our M1 testers found out. It must be awesome. Even after all the accessoires that need be adjusted for the several types of people.

Unfortunately, that’s just the V2 prototype. Recent reports are that the headset weight has increased. The control design has changed significantly and is most likely heavier.

weight similar to vive will not be an issue for this fish

I don’t think the weight is an issue for me either, as long as it hasn’t increased substantually. My point is simply that much of the info in the video isn’t particularly relevant any more.

just watched the video again and really not sure where i was the first time i watched it ,point of view wise that is ,as i remember it i seemed to have the view that linus had badly slated the unit in some way but most probably because if he was right then delays were inevitable .
but rewatching it its all quite positive ?
i gotta agree with George even though some things like weight have increased its still actually a positive look at somethings that have been improved since

Certainly the FOV and the negligible SDE are still relevant. Those are the main reasons I’m a backer.

one thing that concerns me ,did you here what he says about the upscaling to 8k, kind of may as well get the 5k and run it natively ? hmm if this is so we are missing out on 10hz and a better picture.
one of the testers should be doing a side by side test to see is the conversion is worth the frame drop
5k or 8k upscaled


I was very conflicted about getting the 8K or the 5K for this very reason.

i’m really scratching my head to think whether or not the 5k is up scaled also ,not been paying attention to this one

And this from @Heliosurge

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Nobody to my knowledge has done a side by side to clarify how having the 8k in upscale is any better visually other than sde to the 5k ,wow way too late to be thinking about this

No but there is this from the Kickstarter & was reviews of the 5k at some of the demonstrations.

If you have the megapixels of the 5k can use that as a rough compare. But a lot will be dependent on the quality of the upscaling. Accuracy the 5k will be better. But which will be perceived “better” by the individual & application. SDE & Pixels will look better on the 8k.

I gave this a lot of careful consideration. My initial pledge was for a 5K, but I later bumped it to 8K.

The reason? The individual pixels will be less obvious on the 8K. The scale factor is one which preserves all the original values and “fills in” with interpolated values, so the text should actually be slightly easier to read, imo.

What this means is that the 8K should have a more realistic, less pixelated image, with less SDE (assuming the 5K and 8K both have similar specs, like color accuracy, gray-to-gray transition times, etc.).


is there a way to hide a post for myself

sde reduction is literally the only reason i went with 8k over 5 k.

That is understandable no sde would be (WILL)be a wow factor ,im just trying to figure out pixel formation lets say on a small round dot ,this is probably going to be lost in sde factors but im thinking along the lines of upscaled dot block pattern 5k more consistent shape ,i may have reason to buy a 5k later to see the difference for my self but im not overly worried

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