Which Pitool, Firmware & Hardware are Pimax Owners Running Stable and Which aren't Stable?

As the topic title suggests, post what works for your Pimax setup and configuration and what doesn’t work.

Pimax HMD Model: Pimax 8K X
BaseStations: 2 x 2.0
Firmware Version:
Post a screen snipe instead:


Firmware Version/s:

Windows or Apple OS: Windows 10 64bit
CPU: Intel i7 4790K
Motherboard: ASUS ROG Maximus Hero Vii
GPU: ZOTAC 1080ti
No. of Monitors: 2
Additional Peripherals/Cards
Inateck PCI-E 5 Port USB 3.0 Card(for additional USBs)


I’m using the Pimax Client with firmware v2.1.255.299. I don’t know what version of pitools the client uses- or what its equivalent may be.
I have an 8KX, early edition.
I’m running an Nvidia 3090 on an Intel 9900 with 32 gigs of Ram.

1.It can be difficult to get the Client to recognize my headset. I often have to physically turn off the headset (Solid bright red light) and then hope the client can see it. If that doesn’t work, I close and restart the client.
In either case, it can take up to five minutes for the client to see the HMD.

  1. Performance seems lower, and varies from day to day. Very odd. One day using steam, I get 55 fps in IL2 BOS. The next day I get 29.
  2. It may have compatibility issues with OpenXr and OpenComposite. Again, some days I get 74FPS in DCS, and the next day, 24.
    I have no idea what’s going on.
    FS2020 seems to work well from day to day in both OpenXR and steam mode.

Pimax 8KX (2075)
4 x 2.0 Basestations
2 x Index controllers
3 x Vive 3.0 Trackers (FBT)
Pitool 283. Previously 280 and 275.
Firmware v2.1.255.299
Windows 10 64 bit
Motherboard: ASRock Taichi
No. of Monitors: 1
CPU: AMD 5900X
GPU: Zotac RTX 4090. Previously Gigabyte RTX 4080 Ti.

Stable for me on both GPUs and all versions of Pitool I have used.


I have almost the same, just my CPU is 8700k.
I do not have issues as you @Finn , but just sometimes.

From problems I can have:

  1. on startup black screens, or “tv-noice-grayish-pixels”. Then I have to restart HMD and/or pitool. That came since I bought optical cable and switch to 90Hz.

  2. I have screen saver disabled in pitool and steamvr. But somehow if I leave HMD on desk, after a few minutes it will have bad tracking, wattery effects ands 3 demons from hell in my unit. Then I need to restart pc, as nothing else can help me. No biggy, except when I play competative online and some poor victim rings my door bell…

Finn your poor performance sometimes sounds like my second problem, especially with 5min locking? Try pimax dance (HMD in hand turn left right until lock), and play without pausing. Also you need to move HMD a bit while you are bored with a long loadings.

I will go back to pitool from pimax client, as there my lock was faster.


I’ve experienced this. I have a glass desk, and I figured out what’s happening is the tracking of the headset stays active while it’s idle on the desk. If it’s getting reflections continuously for a prolonged period of time while the HMD is stationary at rest, it can decide that the reflections are the real basestation positions, and tracking will go haywire as it rejects their actual positions thinking those are the reflections now.

The solution for me was to place cloth over the desk to eliminate reflections in the vicinity of the HMD when it’s set down.

Make sure there are no reflections when you put the HMD down.

Try wrapping it in a towel when you put it down just to verify whether this stops it from having bad tracking. If that works, then figure out how it’s getting reflections and deal with that.


PiTool (later versions have problems with PimaxXR/Opencomposite games and Luke Ross mods)
Firmware, this was supposed to allow 90Hz but i get flickering etc on it, have another firmware to try when i’m brave enough.

Surely there’s more than a handful of Pimax owners out there that have gone through the pains of finding a software and hardware setup that works?

Most trouble I’ve had to date is aligning the base stations and getting decent FPS with my decade old PC specs apart from the GPU.

I used to have to test every beta, but now I’ve gotten lazy. :joy:


8kx 1.gen, 2x LH 1.0

Actually there are only 1.5 base stations, because a horizontal laser died. But as I said, I’m lazy, so the replacement station has been in the box for over a year.

Oh yes, I also could actually swap the diode. But I’m just too lazy…

  • 10850k @ 5.0, 32gb @ 3800 c17, 4090oc @ Stock
  • 7700k @ 5.0, 32gb @3200 c15, Titan RTX unlocked to 420watt
    all watercooled (4090 is still waiting for the block)

Post to keep this open.

tell me to mind my own business if i’m being nosey but why do u have 2 monster pc’s???

It’s better to have than to be in need :rofl: :joy:

No, no … I also do some work on the computer, and when I upgrade, the previous hardware flies into the work computer. It’s still in my head from the time when I earned my money with graphics and 3d.

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Post to keep this open.

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For Pitool/pimax client. @mbucchia I believe recommends. I believe no newer than pitool 281 if your using his pimax OpenXR runtime. Ad it is bit broken in later releases due to required changes needed in pimax pvr rendering.

I only run a 5K+ so can’t speak to whether or not later PTs have 8KX feature specific improvements or needs but I will offer that I stopped updating at PT 261 as I found it stable and all features working. Been great ever since. Absolutely no issues since it’s release.
I5 6600@4.5
RTX 3080
Win 10

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Pitool .280
fw V2.1.255.273
5k super
R7 7700x

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