Which kind of graphics card you guys currently using?

It has some Radeon series graphic card topics in our forum. Being curious about which kind of graphics card you guys currently using? RTX series? GTX series? Or Radeon Series?

  • Nvidia RTX 20series
  • Nvidia GTX 10series
  • Nvidia GTX 9series
  • Radeon RX Vega Series
  • Radeon RX 500 Series
  • Radeon RX 400 Series
  • Others

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Do you mean the currently using or when we get the headset?
I’m using old GTX 970 and not sure if any RTX is worth buying, since the pledged P8 may be lost, stolen, broken. First, I plan to do tests on the 970. If everything goes well, I’ll purchase 2070.

What should I answer in the survey?


what kind of shipping method you guys using? thats a better question

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Rtx 2080 Ti i7 9700k 16Gb DDR4 RAM. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


970 now in a few month titan rtx.

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Difficult one, I’ll get back to you soon.

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@RobCram exactly the same! High-:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


Dallas, are you asking to know if it’s worth to give a better Pitool support for the AMD cards… :smirk:

Maybe if its 49% for the AMD, “naah very minority uses it, let’s forget about it”

Yes just kidding.

2080 RTX founders Ed I really wanted the TI but couldn’t spend £1300 on a graphics card.

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A 1080ti. I found a reasonable well priced second hand one to upgrade from my 1080 which I sold so ended up with a reasonable upgrade in the end. I just don’t think the new 2000 series cards are worth the cash. The 2080 isn’t price competitive with 1080ti’s and the 2080ti ends up being the only real card worth the purchase in that it is uniquely fast but the price is ludicrous for the performance delivered.


Bought a 2080Ti before christmas since my backer number 1913 suggested I’d get mine in 2018.

Considering my headset is still not here I’d rather waited three months and bought it cheaper.


Have you noticed a substantial improvement mate? Looking at upgrading my 1080 too. Thanks for any info.

It has made a genuinely appreciable difference in Project cars 2 combined with a Samsung Odyssey. I am still on similar in game settings but obviously quite a bit higher resolution due to the headset and so the end result looks a lot better. So for what I tend to do (sim race) most with my VR headset it has been valuable for the $250 it cost me to upgrade.

When the 1080ti first came out it wasn’t worth it to me for the price/performance and I still kind of feel that way but the costs of VR rendering has forced me to move up the performance chart at least a bit.

Thanks. Assuming you’re waiting on your Pimax delivery then? I wonder what improvement I would see on DCS World, if any?

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I reacted exactly the same going from a TitanXp as a baseline and comparing the 2080Ti.

Turns out I was able to sell the TitanXp for €850 and although steep, the €500 step up was worth it to me on terms of processing power upgrade. Yes, the 2080Ti is expensive but it’s also extremely fast (faster than the TitanV which I would have gone for if Turing hadn’t shown up).

The same cannot be said going from a 2080Ti to a Titan RTX. That 6% upgrade comes at the cost of a hard to cool package that, when OCing, more often than not has the Ti ahead of the Titan, save for VRAM limitations.

Right now it is in fact only the puny 11GB of VRAM that kinda annoy me about the 2080Ti.

My PiMax headset will be going up on ebay along with its rewards assuming I ever receive it. This is not a company I will associate with ever again in the future, I run a strict 3 strike rule.

I don’t know about DCS I have never played it. The performance difference is basically +30% or so though it very much falls into the small but noticeable upgrade rather than game changing level. For VR if you are struggling for GPU power then that 30% might translate into sufficient base resolution to sharpen things up or an important graphical setting or two. It isn’t going to be dramatic though. For me with racing it passed a threshold where I get good enough performance at the higher resolution to be a lot happier.


Why do you think you wouldn’t see an improvement in DCS?

I went from 980 Ti SLI, to a 1080 Ti and saw a good improvement. And recently I went from a 1080 Ti to a 2080 Ti and saw a good improvement.
DCS needs all the horsepower it can get.

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I bought an RTX 2080, specifically for my 8K, which still has not arrived.

Just installed a 2080Ti last week for an 8K which will be here… whenever…

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Run on GTX 1080 till 5k+ arrives and we’ll see if I need to upgrade to RTX 2080.
RTX 2080 Ti is so insanely priced so I am not prepared to pay 1300 € for meager boost over vanilla RTX 2080 which you can get around 800 €.