Which is your FOV preference?

I just would like to know which FOV-settings you are mainly using with your Pimax (Small, Normal, Large).
Feel free to explain why you are choosing one over the other.
Or maybe you even switch between different FOV-settings on different occasions…?


I like to put it on Large but honestly Normal is fine too. I often think I’m on Large but am not


Small*, everything out there is just a blur, like weekends with lots of booze.

You could edit your post and add a poll.

_* I’m not a gamer


From small to normal FOV there is a VERY BIG difference.

From normal to big, very little actually (since the latest .95, normal fov is almost wide as large)

And since Large is bugged, i always use normal.


I am using full, because that is the whole point of Pimax for me, and that was the main thing I was missing since day 1 in VR. I’d still like full human FOV, but one step at a time :slight_smile: When I try normal or small bars on sides are immediately evident.

I find large FOV to provide more natural, life like experience, and once I saw full FOV, going back is major step down.

I am running racing game called rFactor 2. PP compat is on, I see no image issues (sure, clarity of image is not equal over the whole view, but that’s tradeoff of canted displays), although I certainly hope devs will update game to remove PP, that might give a few FPS back.


My FOV preference is to have one. Maybe someday if my 8K arrives I’ll know.


I use a large field of view - when I switched from normal to large it seemed to me that the difference is small. However, when I went from large to normal, I saw the differences immediately. Large FOV and DCS gives me an amazing experience.


I have to say it depends on the game and experience.

Personally I like all FOVs. Even small is big enough.

What worries me the cracks, the weird eyestrain, lack of accessories promised, and eventhough we had seen some progress, we need better drivers.

That could have been a dream hmd, but cracks on the plastic case and strange eyestain issues (cheap lenses or what donno) makes Pimax to me just a hype. I still enjoy it though, it is my like second VR hmd to test out things, and wait to see how Pimax are gonna fix their issues.

Sorry to deviate the topic! To sum up, I can say I prefer NORMAL, and SMALL fov.


I prefer Normal because my 1080ti cant keep up on some games in Large. I am still on .95. Ill upgrade when there is a reliable update…I have read the new 112 is good but still havnt pulled the trigger yet.


Always settle for normal.

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Large. My large FOV isn’t bugged. I don’t have any distorsion. And it’s possible that there is only 10% more of FOV… but it’s exactly the 10% of black that I see. With Large FOV my perception come to absolutely real. With normal FOV… I feel again like I’m in a tube. A huge tube, but a tube.


I use Normal FOV. It works well for me.


Large FOV is the hole point that P8K is ahead over others HMD. :sunglasses: It is more immersion. Almost your hole view.


Hi I always use large and confess I’ve never even tried the others. Large looks good and plays well. I don’t even notice any distortion anymore either.


Sims. Flight or diving. I have to use normal for FPS and good looking graphics.
Skyrim yes large all the way.

I unfortunately don’t have full scale room set up and just using a gamepad or I would be playing more games ,really feel like I’m missing out.

Since I haven’t bought any controllers I really want to wait for the new GEN controllers and bass stations Hard thought.

Normal due to the PP bug with large.

Always large. That was the point of this hmd! It has a huge fov lol and also nice res


Normal, as the difference between normal and large is minimal and I don’t want to waste any GPU power. I’d rather have a bit more details or a bit better framerate, than peripheral view.


I honestly don’t have a strong feeling about one or the other, they all seem to be acceptable. I swear if I did a blind test between the 3 I’d fail miserably. :neutral_face: :rofl:


What kind of settings do you use to be able to use Large FOV in rFactor 2. Everytime I try, I get dismal fps compared to Normal FOV…