Where to find 360 3D UHD demos?

Yesterday I was searching for the highest quality (resolution) 360 footage and eventually I found something of better quality as the majority out there (4K 360). It was 8K and a very better experience than 4K.

But there must exist even better, right? 16K or better. I just can’t find a good spot to download that, anyone know?

Video but also still pictures in mega high res would be great to check in my Pimax 4K, the results are amazing!


A friend of mine told me that some porn sites like Czechvr offer 5k. This friend told me that those were the highest res vids out there at least that he knows of. I wouldn’t know of course, I never watch porn. :wink:

But can you link the 8k?

BTW for 180 vids higher than 5k doesnt make sense but yeah for 360 it does. However 16k doesn’t make sense , 10k probably would be the limit for the pimax 4k where higher res doesn’t impact things anymore. Also I doubt any pc could render 16k

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Well I wasn’t thinking of practical home uses but I figured such high quality stiched scenes should exist somewhere. Made with proper 4K cameras all around.

I just found some 360 8K on youtube, the Venezuelan waterfall was jaw dropping in my Pimax 4K but if not youtube, where do creators upload their awesome super res stuff?

And I’m not interesed in porn really, mostly because the performers are far from my interests, but I’ll give it another swing when my 8K arrives I’m sure.

These guys seem to have a good engine for quality 360 movies. I will be stoked to use my 8K with this but the Pimax 4K should be awesome here too

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